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Yes! We do accept bylined articles about Pregnancy for our website.

We aim at helping people build a happy home through our well-researched ideas. In case you have a more inspiring piece that could be a good fit too, kindly send it to us!

Please read our FAQ to find possible guidelines to ensure your articles are accepted.

If we accept contents written by other authors?

Yes, all articles from other authors are welcome.

Will you review my product?

Yes, I will. I could write a review for items I have tested myself. On very rear occasions, I might do the same for items based on other authority users’ review while stating a disclaimer in such regard.

How much do you pay per article submitted?

Please Note: that we do not offer any monetary compensation on articles you write for us for now.

What are your requirements?

Please follow the listed guidelines below to ensure your articles are accepted.

We love epic titles and we encourage you to create one Your article must be well researched and must not infringe on any copyright whatsoever. You are not allowed to copy and submit an existing piece from other sites, newspaper etc. Likewise, your submitted article must not appear or be reproduce in some other places. We welcome articles around 700 – 2000 original words. Learn through our existing posts to understand our writing style. Generally, we create inspiring posts. A bit of humor would be a good fit too.  Our articles center on Common Problem of Pregnancy.

You should write the source to your article by providing a link to it when required, or list them below your article as references if you do not own them
Articles should be well written grammatically in a conversational or informative approach
All topic should be appropriate to OUR CATEGORIES in some ways, and be addressed to Common Problem of Pregnancy as a whole.

We do link to Author site and all existing links would be unfollowed. Please note that guest posting is solely for traffic and visibility purpose.
Author Bio: Yes. You’ve worked hard to give us great content, so we want to help promote YOU. We want to highlight you and your blog specifically in a byline sited at the end of your posts.Bylines should be a sentence or two explaining who you are and what you do. Feel free to include links to your social media profiles like Facebook page and Google+ profile. Your byline will appear at the bottom of your post. You can also add your blog’s URL but we will NOT link to it.
How do I submit an article?

Please email your articles in Word (.doc) format to mdharunarrashid@gmail.com. But I will give you a thumb up if you’d do this in a (.txt) file. WordPress and Microsoft Word has tough formatting differences.

Can I add a photo to my post?

If you are sending an image you own or one licensed under Creative Commons for use; Yes, you should!

However, if your image is coming from Flickr or another external source, kindly send me a direct link to it. Otherwise, crop your image in jpg, gif or png format and send along with your article(s).

Will you publish my post today or tomorrow?

Well, I might not be able to provide you a straight response regarding when your article will be aired. All accepted articles are published in the same order we receive them. I can only try as much as possible to send you a reminder once your article is live.

Oh yes, Just before I forget, we appreciate all SEO offers but thanks, that’s just not needed at this time. Thank you.