During six months pregnancy

Changes and symptoms during the sixth month of pregnancy:

During these months you have suffered a series of mood swings, sometimes you’re more irritable and other times you’re happy, feelings are ambiguous, and concern yourself about the welfare of your baby. Is normal that bombard the doctor with questions, it will be normal, the important thing is do not panic and enjoy your pregnancy.

Changes in pregnancy

You may finish the week 24 or 25 of pregnancy have increased two or three kilos, your legs and feet swell more easily and stretch marks begin to appear, remember why use moisturizers that help your skin does not lose moisture .

6 months pregnant, during 6 months pregnancy

It also happens that sometimes you leave colostrum breasts, will be normal because it is starting to create the milk that soon will be the only food your baby. In recent weeks the doctor will ask you some tests to be controlling your blood glucose in the blood to see if there is any possible gestational diabetes.

You feel cramps, to help you remember to stretch before bed and be very good that you walk at least half an hour every day to do your body exercise. It is recommended that you’re very exposed to the sun and should use sunscreens. Remember that you are a “fatter” why should use maternity clothing that is comfortable and breathable natural materials.

Avoid wearing shoes with very high heels or very flat because they do more harm to your back.

Changes in the baby During 6 months pregnancy: 

Most vital organ works almost perfectly. Your kidneys filter what your baby is drinking and returns in sterile urine. His ear is ever more acute by making it more sensitive to strong blows and reacts to them.

Keeps moving and your muscles are becoming stronger, your body is larger, fingers and limbs are formed and already begin to suck its thumb and your brain already has 14,000 million neurons, which still connect and nerves go myelin coating, a process that will continue once they are born and will allow them to function better.

The fetus in the sixth month of pregnancyThe baby’s body at this stage will also start to produce white blood cells that will help protect you from infection. Her measurements in week 27 can reach 30 cm long and 20 cm sitting, and weighs about 750 grams. As is already too large, your position henceforth be provided with encogidas fetal extremedidades.

The body of the 6 months pregnant woman:

  • During six month pregnancy  you can feel the fetus kick strongly.
  •  The skin of your abdomen is growing can begin to give you itchy.
  • You can hurt your back. That’s why I have recommended to wear shoes with low heels or without (low) heel. Exercise can help prevent back pain. You should not keep standing for long periods of time.
  • You may also feel pain down the side of the belly and as t or uterus stretches.

Prenatal Care Guide

During sixth months pregnancy, it is important to know:

  • Go visit your doctor who will do a review of prenatal care.
  • You may have constipation. Drink more water or fruit juice; eat more fiber-containing foods (such as fruits and vegetables) and do some exercise.
  •  To relieve heartburn, try eating 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day (instead of three).
  •  Do not take laxatives or antacids without asking your health care provider.

The development of the fetus during 6 months pregnancy: 23-26 weeks

During six months pregnancy the fetus weighs over half a kilo and measures about 32 cm. between weeks 25 and 26, your taste buds to form and finish the fetus distinguishes some other flavors. The ear of the fetus and perfected through the womb can be distinguished from other noises.

In the sixth month of pregnancy, fetal growth is fast as well as their movements. On the palms of the hands are the first lines.

It also begins to feel agitated calls to false contractions `proof ‘Braxton Hicks. These contractions only last about thirty seconds and most of the mothers even notice them.

The skin is wrinkled and the fetus is reddish because the capillaries are transparent. He sleeps between 18 and 20 hours, but when awake (still with eyes closed) has much activity. The ear is perfected this month and can distinguish the voice of the father.

At the end of this period they have formed taste buds. That’s when, to put their fingers in their mouths, is able to distinguish the sweetness of the amniotic fluid and other flavors that come through your mother what you eat. It is still early to know the fetus differentiate sweet bitter and salty than bland, but begins to know what flavors you like and dislike.

The intestine continues filled with meconium. Brain cells used for conscious thought begin to mature. And it is believed to be able to learn and remember.

In this period they begin to grow the alveoli in the lungs and the fetus performs breathing movements with the diaphragm. The bronchi are still filled with amniotic fluid.

In the sixth month of pregnancy the baby is 32 cm and weighs more than half a kilo. The time is you can survive alone. At this time, if the baby was born, he needs medical help.

Psychologically During 6 months pregnancy:

All these changes in your body shape can be a problem, since it is impossible to ignore that you’re pregnant. Some women have trouble accepting this new state, and for others it is another reason for joy.

As your baby moves more and more, you can also start to question yourself whether you will be able to take care of the baby, I organize it … Do not hesitate to tell your fears to the people around you, they are there to support you.

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