Swollen feet while pregnant,How to deal with it to ease your pregnancy

Swollen feet while pregnant

Swollen feet while pregnant is quite normal for an expecting mother. It is predictable that about 75% of women have experience swollen feet at some point during pregnancy. So an expecting mother should know how to deal with swollen feet while pregnant.

swollen feet while pregnant

swollen feet while pregnant

What is swelling

Swelling is the expansion of a part of our bodies or body organ beyond its normal size. It’s usually causing a distortion of the shape and structure of the occupied area. Feet, legs, and fingers often expand a little, while as your human is having more normal water than normal. Towards the end of the day, the extra normal water tends to collect in the smallest parts of our bodies. Especially if the weather is hot or if you have been status a lot.

When Do Swollen feet Occur During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is that stage of a woman’s life where many physical changes happen. Along with these changes, a pregnant woman might take notice that as her baby is growing bigger.Her lower extremities are starting to swell. Usually, in the 1st half of pregnancy period, a woman does not trouble about swelling. Most of the women start suffering from swelling the end of their pregnancy term. The swelling itself is an indicator of a situation, such as being pregnant. So it’s important to know how to deal with swollen feet while pregnant.

Symptoms  of swollen feet you have noticed:

swollen feet while pregnant

Symptoms of swollen feet you have notice

Signs of swelling occasionally include hardness or shininess of the swollen feet, comfort and/or soreness. However, swelling associated with other symptoms could indicate a challenging actual situation. For example, if discoloration happens or your swollen epidermal changes violet, poor flow or diabetes could be the problem. Signs to watch for are the following:

  •        Reddish
  •       Pain when bending or increasing the feet or feet (sign of blood vessels clot)
  •       Red streaking appears through legs (sign of infection)
  •       Deteriorating of epidermis (sign of blood vessels clot)
  •       staining

Talk with your physician or midwife about other possible symptoms that may appear. Some symptoms can indicate that conditions such as congestive center failing or renal failing are creating.

What types of swollen feet can you notice during pregnancy?

Two kinds of swelling you  can be noticed during this time:

  • Pitting edema: recognized by a small dimple left by a little stress applied on the swollen area
  • Non-pitting edema: The normal form of swelling where no pit or groove can be seen when stress is applied.

Causes of swollen feet while pregnant

When you are expecting, your entire body goes through many hormonal changes that control the overall results being pregnant. while pregnant the causes of swollen feet can be various. It’s normal to have a certain amount of swollen feet because you’re retaining more water. Changes in your blood chemistry also cause some fluid to shift into your tissue.

In addition, your growing womb places stress on your pelvic blood vessels and your vena cava (the large line of thinking on the right side of the whole body that provides blood vessels from your lower divisions back to the heart). Pressure decreases the return of blood vessels from your feet, causing it to the pool, which causes fluid from your blood vessels into the cells of your feet and feet. To start with, fluid maintenance with hormonal activity can lead to inflammation in general.

One thing you have to know is that the managed fluid while expecting inflammation aids to give the child a more comfortable environment. However, swelling of the feet will reduce after delivery.

When your swollen feet can be serious

It’s normal to have a certain amount of swelling of the feet during pregnancy. You may have some mildly swollen feet while pregnant. You should call your midwife or doctor for medical care instantly if you notice swelling in your face or puffiness, around your eyes and suddenly your legs or hands expand up instantly. This could be an indication of preeclampsia, a serious situation. As the situation can be serious for both you and your infant.

When you call your doctor or midwife

  • Sudden swelling of the hands and feet
  • Swelling accompanied by pain and redness
  • Puffiness along with red streaks running down your legs
  • Swelling that lasts for over 24 hours even after taking rest, keeping the feet
  • Puffiness affecting the arms and
  • Swelling along with rapid weight gain
  • Swelling in one leg
  • Swelling and tenderness in the pelvic area
  • Puffiness accompanied by symptoms like a severe headache dazzling blurred vision, upper right abnormal pain, and vomiting

What should you do to prevent Swollen feet while pregnant

For females, Swollen feet decreases within two weeks of delivery. Until then, dealing with and avoiding swelling is necessary. Most of the treatments work as safety actions. Here are some tips to help to ease your swollen ankles and feet. There are some steps you can take to avoid swollen ankles and feet. These can also help to relieve the pain if your feet and ankles are feeling swollen already. Try to:

  •  Avoid standing for a long time
  • Minimize outdoor time when it is hot
  • Wear Comfortable shoes, avoiding high heel if possible
  • Avoid clothes that are tight around your ankles
  • Put you up as much as you can – try to relax for an hour a day with you higher than your heart; for example, propped up with pillows as you lie on the sofa
  • Do the feet exercises
  • Rest or swim in pool
  • Minimize salt (salt) intake to avoid including additional salt to meals.
  • Use cold squeezes on swollen areas.
  • Wear helpful leggings or leggings.

Home remedies to ease you from swollen feet while pregnant

At first, take one glass mineral water and some corn silk. Boil that corn silk with water and drink it

swollen feet while pregnant

Home remedies to ease you from swollen feet while pregnant

  • Take two glass of mineral water and a few tablespoons of Draconian seeds and boil it. Reduce to a cup and drink twice a day for three days. This is a very useful home remedy for foot swelling.
  • Boil two cups of water with a teaspoon palm sugar and two teaspoons fennel seed. Reduce to a cup and drink thrice daily.
  • Prepare a drink by adding the fresh juice of a lemon in a cup of warm water and drink to help decrease fluid retention. This is also very useful home remedy for foot swelling
  • Placing an Ice pack or a cold compress on the swollen area
  • Drenched your feet in Epsom salt

Simple Foot exercise to relieve your swollen feet

Here is a simple exercise you can do while sitting down or even standing

  • Bend and expand your right foot, repeating 30 times
  • Then, move the foot in a round movement eight times to the right and eight times to the left
  • Now, do it again these two steps with your left foot.

Dietary tips you can try to ease swollen feet:

  •  Follow a diet chat containing fresh vegetables and fruits
swollen feet while pregnant

Dietary tips you can try to ease swollen feet while pregnant

  • Including protein (e.g. eggs, beans, pulses and lean meat) to every meal
  • Follow a diet plan include with garlic, onion, celery, parsley, apples, and watercress for improving circulation and allowing the kidney to work better
  • Avoiding pre-packaged, refine foods and high sodium snacks
  • Including plenty of Vitamin C (including potatoes, tomatoes, strawberries, and melons) and vitamin E-rich foods (sweet corn, wheat germ, cashews and almonds) in your diet
  • Following an eating plan rich in potassium-rich foods such as bananas
  • Avoiding consuming too much salt as sodium accumulation is often associated with pregnancy-related swelling

Compression Stocking- you can try for pregnancy swollen feet relief:

If you experience extreme pain from your swollen feet when standing upright. Then compression stockings are the solution you have been waiting for. I thoroughly recommend you at least try a pair out.

swollen feet while pregnant

Compression Stocking- you can try for pregnancy swollen feet relief

Compression stockings are safe during pregnancy. There is no risk to harm the baby. Further, compression stockings will greatly help the venous circulation in your legs. The doctor also recommends it. If you try to know details about it click


In the end, you may or may not notice swollen feet while pregnant. If you do, find a good way how to deal with swollen feet while pregnant. That works for you and keeps you comfortable.Wherever you are concerned about your swollen feet or other medical questions, never hesitate to talk to your doctor or midwife. She may want to check for underlying conditions such as preeclampsia ( or may prescribe medication to help flush out excess fluids