7th Month Of Pregnancy

The pregnant woman to her 7th Month Of Pregnancy

At the beginning of the third quarter, 7th Month Of Pregnancy many mothers see their anxieties, fears and concerns resurface with the approach of the term.
Fear of childbirth itself is its origin, but this also adds that of not being up to this new role of Mom looming: “Will I learn to take care of my baby, do whatever it takes for him …? “.

7th Month Of Pregnancy

7th Month Of Pregnancy

These issues are quite normal and it is likely that when the day comes, they are resolved in the most natural of the world!Meanwhile, take advice from the midwife that animates childbirth preparation you have chosen and expressing it with all your anxieties, ask all your questions … If you have not started your preparation sessions , start it now!The 7th Month Of Pregnancy  may be marked by the appearance of the first contractions … your uterus contracts, sometimes several times a day. Under the effect of this contraction, your belly hardens. Relax, breathe deeply and quickly stomach will regain its suppleness.

Your body is thus preparing for childbirth. If contractions are painful or frequent, talk to your gynecologist or midwife who follows you.If you make too much effort, the outbreak of a contraction will remind you to order and tell you that we must slow down!Baby still has a lot of space (but not for long …), it moves and twirls in the amniotic fluid. Use this time to share these moments of communication with Dad or with the environment, siblings: attach your hands on your belly and let it do!

You begin to know his little habits: some are active mostly when you are lying down, at rest, others are more passive and do not move very little and still others continue to move to the point of sometimes or hurt you waking up at night! His days are now punctuated by short sleep phases agitated and calm sleep. His respiratory system and refines its digestive tract, all governed by a brain that gradually continues to expand.

Baby’s internal temperature is regulated his respiratory system also. His body becomes plump with fat accumulation.At the end of the 7th Month Of Pregnancy, on average baby weighs nearly 1.5 kg to over 35 cm. Baby grows and you too! But you must continue to monitor your weight gain, eating healthy and balanced to provide baby everything it needs.