Pregnancy Safe Facial Serums 101: Why, What and When

If you’re still waiting for that pregnancy glow to make its appearance or are struggling with common hormonal skin issues like breakouts or dry, dull skin then don’t panic, because we have just what you need!


Adding a serum into your routine can truly make all the difference and you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried one before now!


Of course, conventional brands are not recommended thanks to nasty filler ingredients and chemicals that can put not only your health at risk, but your baby too, so choosing a natural, organic serum formulated with healthy ingredients is very important!


In this article, we’ll let you know why a serum can amp up your skincare game, share two of our favorite organic brands with you, as well as a few helpful tips on when and how to apply for best results.



Unlike a regular facial moisturizer, serums are far more concentrated in antioxidants and nutrients that sink deep into the pores to deliver active ingredients that provide visible results and banish all your skincare woes!


Their particles are smaller, allowing them to sink deeper into the pores and the hydration they provide is unlike any other product!


Active ingredients will reduce inflammation, balance your skin and promote a radiant, dewy glow!

What: Nourish Organic – Pure Hydrating Face Serum

It doesn’t get much better than this!


Beautiful ingredients including omega fatty acid-rich Moroccan argan oil, apricot and rosehip oils, this silky serum will help to add a deep dose of hydration, clarify, replenish and promote a healthy, vibrant glow.


Rosemira See Me C Repair Serum

If you’re a lover of aromatic rose, then you’re in for a real treat with this one!


This brightening facial serum includes Rosemira’s signature Bulgarian rose oil for deep nourishment, rich marula oil for its excellent antioxidant and softening properties and a delightful citrus oil blend that will lift your spirits, absorb quickly and leave your skin truly radiant. It also packed with natural vitamin c from plants and herbs, so it’s also pregnancy safe.


Facial serums can be applied twice a day, but be sure to apply sunscreen over it when applying it during the day, especially if your serum contains ingredients like Vitamin C that can make your skin more sensitive.


Apply your serum after cleansing to slightly damp skin for best absorption and use your fingertips to gently pat (don’t rub) the serum into your skin until fully absorbed. You want to press the product into your pores, you don’t want to slide it off the skin.


You can layer it with a moisturizer and then sunscreen or a moisturizer or sunscreen alone.


Don’t let hormonal skin get you down! By adding a healthy facial serum into your routine you’ll notice vast improvements in just a short time and you’ll feel so confident in your healthy, luminous skin!