Readiness to having a baby

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You should know before you having a baby:

Why do we feel like a baby when you’re a teenager? That’s a big question that can’t respond uniquely. It is important to consider what we want when it happens. The desire for pregnancy, child, is a desire that involves all the complexity of his personal history.

Become pregnant = want to what?

Being pregnant or having a baby? To bring a child into the world? From a total and unconditional love with a being from his own flesh? Leaving his parents by becoming a parent in turn?

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The desire of a baby called many questions and manifest more or less conscious desires. When we forget, for example, to take his birth, or after sex (even protected) one is on the lookout, even anxious attentive to the slightest symptoms of pregnancy, or conversely a lack of rule is not noted , this may be a sign (unconscious) desire a pregnancy or baby.

Wanting a baby manifests a desire for life. This desire can be a way to prove something to yourself, for example: check her fertility, expressing a willingness to change, control its life when it seems that everything escapes us, especially in this adolescent period when the changes are very present.
It is not a project like the other because a child is for life! So it is important to decipher what lies behind this desire.

Desire for pregnancy and desire to have children: is it the same?

Although these terms are often associated, there is a difference between desires for a child and become pregnant. In fact, want to be pregnant; it can be to want to live the time of pregnancy, to be a pregnant woman. The desire for children it is more a desire to give love, give birth to a being which we will take care and help it grow. It may also be a desire to transmit a part of us and a desire to start his own family.

Fantasy or desire?

While you having a baby, you better be two, have you decided together with your boyfriend to become mother and father? If not, are you ready to have a single e-e child? And under what conditions?

Sometimes there is a discrepancy between what is imagined and what is really the arrival of a child and what it entails. Sometimes we dream for her future child dream as his great love, without the burden of reality.
For example, the price of a pack of layers , the amount of rent , if any, the time it takes care whose child needs and keeps us out when we want. Have you also thought about the organization of childcare in your city or else around you is he agrees to help you?
Anyway, all the stuff not “glam “that one has to take care when becomes a parent. To realize what it actually is and the attention that we can request a baby to experience keeping a child by babysitting for example.

The urge to child during adolescence can therefore sometimes take more of the fantasy that the real project. That is to say that it is a desire that (not materialize) can be used to prepare for his future adult life, to imagine and to experience the fun that it will.

During the adolescent period, is changing. This is often the time when we confronted her parents , where we want to “separate”, to choose his own path. This process is emotionally difficult. So how to accommodate a baby in that time while we ourselves saw a turbulent period? For the role of a parent is not only cuddle her child is also to accompany him in his education, and this sometimes involves conflict with him.Becoming parents is an adventure made of moments of joy and pleasure but also with obstacles and winding paths. The more we will be sure-e of their choice, prepared-e-e surrounded by his family and accompanied e-plus meeting with this new being will be smooth and more serene as possible.


Increase your fertility by naturopathy While you having a baby:

Before you jump in the design, here naturopathic advice for you to be the most of your potential health before you having a baby. Are you willing and ready to change your life? Because, yes, a child becomes a life! There aresignificant changes to your lifestyle, and that, from the stage of preconception. Everything that enters your body, everything you breathe, your stress levels and emotions and even your environment will affect the quality of the egg and sperm. If you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies will require remedy. If you take drugs, you will see a doctor, because all drugs have side effect. Imagine you as 4 months of preparation effects are ideal before conceiving a child? This is actually what time it will take your body eliminate certain toxins and increase the quality of your blood in essential nutrients. In addition, we also provide about three months to fully renew the sperm army. Therefore BOTH partners, MAN and WOMAN, must take seriously the recommendation intimation. To improve your alimentation Adopt a diet of 25% or more protein and 40% or less of carbohydrates. This type of diet improves egg quality and double the pregnancy rate in IVF, in vitro fertilization. For a detailed and personalized eating plan, do not hesitate to meet a naturopath prescription. Avoid low-fat dairy products, and consume dairy products rich in fat.
Yes, you read correctly! Consumption of low-fat dairy products increases the risk of unexplained infertility 85%, while the consumption of dairy products rich in fat may reduce this risk (it reduces the risk of unexplained infertility and anovulatory cycle by 27% and 50%, respectively) .Augmenter your intake of monounsaturated fat in the diet improves your fertility.
Consume extra virgin olive oil and avocados. In a study of some 17,000 women conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, the researchers were able to define a food group that promotes fertility. Consume more monounsaturated fats (like olive oil) and less trans fat (such as those found in many baked goods or fast food) was one of the keys of the increased f fertility.

Consume quality saturated fat. Saturated fat quality decrease the risk of infertility by 17% (choose organic sources such as organic butter and organic red meat from grass-fed animals). The consumption of saturated fats in a healthy diet is associated with increased fertility high. Reduce consumption of refined carbohydrates and replace refined carbohydrates with foods high in fiber.
Eating foods high in fiber (such as chia seeds or flax seeds) and low glycemic index, while reducing the intake of carbohydrates and refined sugars, is a dietary principles is essential to increase fertility.

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Avoid soybeans while you having a baby:

Soybeans causes miscarriage and infertility in mice. When given soybean to a mouse, it has abnormal menstrual cycles, her ovarian function is altered and sub fertility. Have healthy lifestyle.

Stop smoking while you having a baby:

Cigarette smoking decreases your chances of conceiving, since smoking reduces the level of estrogen, so you will have fewer years of fertility. He also age your ovaries and deplete your eggs prematurely, and reduces your ability to get pregnant.

Cigarette smoking also makes it more difficult to penetrate egg by sperm and they have more difficulty reaching the egg, as the cervical mucus is more consistent in smokers. There is evidence that smoking damages the structure and the shape of the sperm causing infertility. Besides that smoking damages your cervix and fallopian tubes, smoking increases the risk of miscarriage.

Know that the effects of smoking take several months to disappear. This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing before designing.

Alcool Boire more attention to one drink a day reduces the chances of getting pregnant by 50%.Boire one drink a day reduces the chances of getting pregnant by 30% .

Don’t drink alcohol before conception: 

You should bare with that you will not dirk Alcohol before conception or even when you desired to having a baby. Alcohol reduces the live birth rate of 21% in patients in vitro fertilization (IVF). Women drinking at least four drinks a week had 16% less chance of giving birth compared with those who drank fewer than four drinks per week. For couples in which both partners drank at least four glasses a week, the chances of birth were 21% lower compared to couples where both drank fewer than four drinks per week. CONCLUSION: The consumption of as little as four drinks per week is associated with decreased IVF birth rates.

It takes three months after a night of alcohol abuse so that the sperm count returns to normal.

Have a healthy body mass index between 20 and 25

While you having a baby calculate your body mass index (BMI) is used to encrypt an excess or insufficient weight. The result allows knowing the number of pounds to lose or gain for optimal health. However, this is an incomplete tool since it does not account for muscle mass, bone, and fat distribution. A more comprehensive test would be an analysis of body composition you can do an authorized naturopath.

A body mass index greater than 30 positions you in the obese category. Obesity causes complex side effects such as hormonal changes and insulin resistance. Considerable evidence suggests that a negative effect of obesity is the risk of maternal complications and miscarriages. The obese are also more prone to infertility. The most important method to enhance reproductive performance in obese women is weight loss that can be achieved with lifestyle changes and diet with a naturopath. (Reference)

Avoid Snuff while you having a baby: 

There are still no clear scientific evidence on whether smoking before pregnancy can harm the baby or not. What it is demonstrated is that the consumption of snuff, especially after the first trimester, involves risks for small and for the proper development of pregnancy.

Regarding pregnancy, the most common risks are abortion, vaginal bleeding, premature labor, ectopic pregnancy and abnormal implantation or placental, among others. For the baby, the main effect is the low birth weight, which is linked directly with the number of cigarettes consumed: . more amount of cigarettes, lighter weight baby medium term, smoking is also related the likelihood of apnea syndrome or sudden death of the infant.

Be active, exercising:

The implementation of physical activity increases the chances of pregnancy and tends to decrease the risk of miscarriage. In addition, women who were physically active were more likely to have an increased implantation rates and a rise in treatments in vitro fertilization.

Before you having a baby learn to manage your stress: 

In studies conducted by Alice Domar, PhD, of the Harvard Mind-Body Institute, women who have undergone stress reduction therapy have seen dramatic increases in their ability to get pregnant. In fact, even women who have already undergone fertility treatment had better results when stress was kept under control.

The spirit and the reproductive system are closely linked; stress can disrupt your pituitary gland which is the control center of the main fertility hormones. In the brain, it is normal to prevent pregnancy while you are on, it is a natural means of protection; in all species, a female who does not feel safe cannot conceive. It is also known that prolonged stress can cause spasms in the fallopian tubes, which prevents the fertilized egg down to the uterus. Stress can also inhibit the production of testosterone in men, leading to a decreased sex drive. In short, good stress management is ESSENTIAL. Do you find ways to release your stress: yoga, swimming, walking, breathing, meditation, etc.

And you, what do you think? Is four months of preparation are too before conceiving a child? Do you have other tips to share? Changing lifestyle habits is not always easy to do alone. Do not hesitate to seek help for personal advice from an expert whenever you feel any confusion at the time you going to have baby.