Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Early symptoms of pregnancy

You can see a lots of early symptoms of pregnancy during very early stages of pregnancy. These symptoms are likely found in most of the women who are already conceived.One of the most early symptoms of pregnancy is the missing of period or delaying of period for a week or two. Almost 70% of the women have symptoms when they are in about six weeks of pregnancy.

Every woman should calculate or keep deep eyes over her menstruation cycle. It helps a women to find out any change in normal period. Delaying in natural period or missing of a period varies from one month to the next. And you cannot be sure when your period will start. So it is important for every woman to track her menstruation cycle.

Pregnancy symptoms may vary for the same woman from one pregnancy to the very next. So the following symptoms may give you some sorts of idea of getting pregnant but cannot confirm you. You can also experience the same symptoms without getting conceived, these can be happened for bodies other reason.

So, only a pregnancy test can confirm you about your pregnancy. But you can keep close eyes on the followings:

Common Early Symptoms:

A positive home pregnancy test
A missed period
High basal body temperature
Nausea/Morning Sickness
Swollen breasts
Vaginal Spotting and Cramping
Frequent Urination
Abdominal Bloating
Dizziness and fainting
Back Pains
Mood Swings
Food Aversion

A positive home pregnancy test:

By using a positive home pregnancy test kit you can easily confirm your pregnancy. There are a lot of pregnancy test kits are available in market which are very easy to take a test. After a missed period you can test it by yourself and if you get negative result then try again in few days interval. One thing is very important that is, a baby starts to grow before your confirmation of pregnancy. So everybody should be very careful regarding this.


If you find a positive result by testing kit please do not hesitate to meet or appoint to a doctor. This is very important.

A missed period:

If you have a regular menstruation cycle and if it does not come on to your expected time then you can go for a home pregnancy test. But a missed period does not confirm your pregnancy. Due to any intra hormonal changes into the body or medicine’s side effect may be caused for a missed period . So nothing to worry about.

High basal body temperature:

Basal body temperature is the temperature of your body found in early in the morning before you getting up from bed. Basal body temperature changes about 12 to 15 hours after the ovulation. Normal non-ovulating temperature for a woman lays between 96 to 99 degree Fahrenheit,during early stages of pregnancy it may be increased about to a half degree Fahrenheit.

basal temperature checking

basal temperature checking

High basal body temperature is a key indicator for being pregnant. If you observe high basal body temperature for 2-3 weeks after a missed period then you can think of conceived. But to be confirmed you must use a pregnancy test kit.

Nausea/Morning Sickness:

It is a common symptom of being pregnant. It’s mostly happens in the first trimester of the total pregnancy period. It is experienced minimum after one month of conception. Pregnancy related nausea can be happened at any time. But most women get relief from nausea during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Swollen breasts:

Swollen breast/tender is an important sign of being pregnant. You may feel the prickling or tingling sensation in your breasts or in nipples. It happens because of high blood circulation into your breasts nerves due to pregnancy hormone generation. You can see this type of sign within 02 weeks of your conception. At the beginning you may feel discomfort with the changes but after a period of time the body will be adjusted enough with the hormone changes.

Vaginal spotting and cramping:

Another important early signs of pregnancy is the change of the colour in vulva and vagina. It’s also called Chadwick’s Sign. It is the phenomena happen mostly in the four weeks of conception. During being pregnant the pink colour of vulva and vagina get turns into dark purplish-red.

The increase of blood circulation between the tissues of this area is the reason for changing the colour. According to the experts spotting is caused by fertilized egg implanting in uterus. It is painless.


Fatigue is a common pregnancy symptom. There are a lot of reasons behind of being fatigued; it is not only for the pregnancy. You may get fatigued frequently during the early stage of pregnancy. Your body becomes tired to give support to your growing baby. Changing in your progesterone hormone level in pregnancy also causes sleepiness. You may also feel emotional and weepy.



Frequent urination:

Frequent urination is also an early symptom of getting pregnant. Hormonal changes increase the rate of blood flow towards your kidneys’, as a result your bladder get filled more quickly than the normal times, so you have to go for pee frequently. This symptom is seen at the six weeks of getting conceived.

Frequent urination continues as your pregnancy period getting old. The problem is compounded when your growing baby exerts more pressure to your bladder.

Abdominal bloating:

You may feel abdominal bloating during the early stages of pregnancy due to bodies’ hormonal change. It is quite identical in feelings for women as they have just before of period. So that your clothes may feel more sung though your uterus is quite small then.

Food aversions:

Other early common symptoms of pregnancy are food aversion. During pregnancy you may notice a metallic taste on your mouth and that’s drives you to be an extra sensitive to the smells of food or cooking. It is may be the side effect of rapidly increasing of oestrogen hormone in your system.

Progesterone hormone increases you hunger but due to hormonal change you cannot eat easily what you want. You may dislike some smells and tastes such as coffee, tea, alcohol, eggs, spicy or fried food etc.


During pregnancy high level of progesterone hormone cause you constipated. Food passes more slowly due to progesterone hormone.

Dizziness and fainting:

These are also common symptoms of pregnancy. These are related to dilating blood vessels, lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar. Lack of blood flow that means oxygen flow is the reason for dizziness and fainting.

Headaches and back pains:

Many women experience headaches and back pains during early pregnancy due to a lot hormonal changes into the body organs.

Mood swings:

It is a very common problem that is seen during pregnancy. The hormonal changes affect the levels of neurotransmitters which are chemical messenger towards the brain. The response with the change is different from woman to woman. Many women get depressed or anxious at that time.

From the short discussion it is seen that the early symptoms during pregnancy mainly happens for the hormonal changes into the body. To cope with the changes of the body reacts by the above symptoms. During this early pregnancy time women should eat a lots of vitamin, minerals, protein enriched foods, fruits. These may give you some sort of comforts.

A symptom cannot confirm your pregnancy. So after getting any of the symptoms you should go for a home pregnancy test. If it is positive then you definitely contact with a doctor and abide his suggestion strictly.