21 weeks of pregnancy : Position of Mother and Baby

21 weeks pregnant
  • 21 Weeks  Pregnant

    21 week is almost halfway of pregnancy season as well as second trimester. You should be careful during this time toward what you eat and drink. It happens various things on the inside and outside of Mom’s body. You should be watchful concerning the position of your baby too.

    A woman to her 21 weeks pregnant

    21 weeks pregnant

    movement .You may feel your baby’s kick and march on every day. If there is no movement of baby’s it’s not a matter of worried because not all girls feel their baby’s movement till later within the gestation.

    At 21 weeks pregnant, your belly outwardly continues to grow and grow. Meanwhile you may start to percept a number of unpleasant gestation symptoms as like beginning of stretch marks and backaches.

    Take care of pregnant woman at 21 week of Pregnancy

    With a view to getting an active growing baby continue to eat right and nutritious food and exercise  regularly that will help you to make your hard time easier .

  • It is important to drink lots of water . Vitamin A is more important during pregnancy for your and sake of your baby . Vitamin A , egg yolk , milk those are good to eat at the time of pregnancy. Don’t eat liver during pregnancy. Another important element is cholesterol. It is important because lack of cholesterol result in a low birth weight baby.In the production of many hormones it is needed. You can take juice too, juice like carrot juice, water melon juice etc.
  • Although stretch marks and backaches are common affair you should not be indifferent about it . Your doctor will offer you suggestions to abate your discomfort


  • *Take a warm bath, or apply cold and hot compresses to the realm.
  • * Take a massage form an expert therapist.
  • * Do not sleep on your back but on your side .



  • At the time of 21 weeks pregnant Iron is another essential element for you. Take at least 30 mg of iron in a single day.Why do you need iron:-

21 weeks pregnant

  • * It will help you to avoid the risk of anemia.
  • * To make hemoglobin.
  • * It helps you to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • * It is an important component of myoglobin and many enzymes.
  • * It is seen that many women start their pregnancy with insufficient stores of iron they need more iron during pregnancy.

    Sources of Iron


    One of the best sources of iron is red meat for pregnant woman (except liver as it contains unsafe vitamin A). You may also get iron from vegetables and grains. Eat a variety of iron-rich foods every day.

    How your Baby at 21 weeks

  • 21 weeks pregnant

    Your baby currently weights concerning three-quarters of pound and is close to ten 1/2 inch long. Because of it’s initial fluttering movement turn into full-fledged  kick and nudges may be felt. It may be active you will additionally discover it.

    Currently , your baby’s eyebrows and eyelids are formed at that time.If its a girl baby her vagina has begun to make further more. As well as its skin is somewhat a little bit seen. Meanwhile, your fetus sleeps perhaps 12 to 14 hours per day, as much as a new born baby.

    Each day your baby swallow a bit of amniotic fluid at 21 weeks pregnant . According to your food habit the taste of the amniotic fluid vary from day to day.