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Everything about pregnancy – So you can welcome your baby peacefully

Some say that pregnancy is one of the most important phases of a woman’s life, and it is definitely not a lie. Growing life inside you, giving life, and turning that life into a person can be difficult, but it’s also one of the most beautiful things in the world. We all know that this is not easy, it’s tiring and can be scary sometimes, but the rewards are endless.

When you find out you’re pregnant, well, I’ll be honest: it scares the s**t out of you, and it should, since it’s a big responsibility. But it’s also one of the best times of your life; those next nine months, a person will be growing inside of you, a person who you will love unconditionally for as long as you are alive, because, in a way, they are part of you and of who you are.

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You will worry about them when they’re sick, you will help them do their homework for school, you will worry about them when they start dating, and the day they get married, you will still look at them and want to protect them from life, because they’re still that baby who sucked at your breast when they were first born

But first, before getting carried away with all this, let’s go over all the things you’ll need to know to have a swift, harmonious pregnancy. From pregnancy symptoms to pregnancy diets and workout, we tell you everything!

Are you pregnant? Those early signs say “HELL YEAH!”

Are you carrying a baby in your uterus or did you just have too much to eat? (Hey, it happens to the best of us, you know). This question can be quite scary, especially with all the contradicting answers you might get from your friends. Of course, getting a doctor’s opinion is the best way to know, but if you don’t have time for that or if you’re too busy to buy a pregnancy test, here are some signs that should ring your bells!

You have mood swings

One minute you’re all happy-go-lucky, you feel great, you think life is amazing and couldn’t be better, and then, suddenly, this shower of emotions pours over you, and you just feel like kicking someone in the face for no reason whatsoever (don’t do that, violence is bad, really). Don’t worry, you don’t have to call a therapist, but you might want to go to your nearest pharmacy and get a pregnancy test.

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If you’re not usually subject to mood swings when you’re on your period, then maybe your pregnancy is doing it. Indeed, when you’re pregnant, many hormonal changes occur in your body, which might make you more sensitive. This is why pregnant women cry easily and are more prone to bursts of anger (it’s not them, it’s their hormones y’all!)

You are disgusted by food you normally love

If the thought of that nice cup of coffee you enjoy every morning makes you want to throw up, you should probably take a doctor’s appointment. Research still doesn’t know yet why newly pregnant woman develops aversion to some kind of food, but most doctors think it’s because of the heightened level of estrogen in your body. So, if you find yourself disgusted by this burger you normally love so much, ring up your doctor!

You’re bloated

True, bloating also occurs when you’re on your period (no one knows this better than us women), but it can also be a sign of pregnancy (at this rate, it looks like all signs of the period are signs of pregnancy, which shows how crazy weird the human body is). If you can’t fit in your pants anymore, maybe it’s not because you’ve eaten too much (with your aversion to food, there are low chances that you’re just getting fat), but maybe because you have extra progesterone in you, which is known to slow digestion (great!).

You have sore breasts

Yes, another sign of getting your period (I guess it’s a 50/50 kind of thing). Because of the high level of hormones in your body, your breasts are sore and sensitive (truly a party, right?), they feel heavy, and putting on a bra feels like putting on one of those dark ages’ torture devices (you know what I’m talking about). Changing from a normal bra to a pregnancy supportive bra can help a lot with this sort of problems and diminish the pain.

You pee a lot

There’s no delicate way to say that, but you’ve been hitting the bathroom more frequently than usual these days, and that, my friend, might be a sign that you’re growing a baby inside of you! Maybe you can’t sleep through a night without peeing at least a few times, and it’s normal. When you’re pregnant, your system produces extra fluids, which means that you have to pee more.

You’re nauseous

Of course, this list would be incomplete without the infamous morning sickness (ironic, since it can occur at any hour of the day actually). Morning sickness can occur as early as two weeks into your pregnancy, and it’s one of the earliest signs that you’re maybe going to be a mom in less than a year. You will most likely have morning sickness for a month or two before being relieved from it, but in the meantime, try to eat food that will help settle your stomach and make nausea more bearable (if I may say).

If you’re still asking yourself “am I pregnant?” after reading this, well, you only have one thing to do (two things actually, but who’s counting, right?): either make an appointment with an OBGYN to be sure, or buy a pregnancy test and use it (it only takes a few minutes if you’re too busy to go to the doctor). And if you want to read more about early pregnancy symptoms,

What about the pregnancy weight gain?

After all, you’re eating for two, as people say. Weight gain is common during pregnancy, and even more, it’s encouraged. But let everything when it comes to human body, it should be moderate: too much weight gain, and you might have hypertension problems or issues during labor, no enough, and you might have a baby that’s too small or born prematurely.

All this might sound scary, but we’re here to accompany you during this journey, so trust us, listen to your body, and don’t be afraid of the signs it sends you. Here’s everything you should know to control your weight gain journey during pregnancy, from your diet to your workout routine, and much more.

When it comes to food

Always go for the healthy choice! We know, you’re pregnant, you have cravings, and you’d rather have a donut then another stupid salad! But you’re not only eating for you, you’re also eating for that baby growing inside your uterus, and a donut is not really going to cut it.

So, here is what you can do:

Eat often and with moderation

Studies have shown that an average adult female needs 2000 calories a day, and during pregnancy, this intake might need to become higher, but this doesn’t mean you can just give up and turn into the glutton. Eat more, but still moderately. One way to do this is to have 5 (or more) small meals throughout the day instead of 3 big ones. Go for fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats (like Omega 3), and fiber.

Control your sweet cravings

When you’re pregnant, hormones are all over your body partying like there’s no other night (just imagine hormones with tiny party hats), which makes you crave food, especially the sweet kind. If you feel like you want to grab a bag of candy from the closest supermarket, grab a fruit instead: berries, apples, grapes, and watermelon are just as sweet as any bag of Skittles. Always have them at home, and maybe make some popsicles with blueberries and Greek Yoghurt to help you with those cravings.

Drink a lot of water

One of the most important things you should do when you’re with child is to drink a lot of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. Dehydration is a serious issue, and you should avoid it at all cost. Two to three liters of water are recommended daily, and always make sure to drink before or after a meal, and after physical activities, even the lightest ones.

Treat fruits and vegetables like your friends

Fruits and vegetables give you an important amount of vitamins, fibers, and even fat (avocados for example), so be sure to eat more than 5 portions of fruits and vegetables every day, to keep your baby and yourself healthy.

Know that fat is important too

Healthy fats are important, so don’t discard them. Even more, they’re one of the elements that help your baby’s brain grow, so always be sure to add them to your food. Healthy fats can be olive oil, organic butter, avocado, seeds, nuts etc…

Don’t go on strict diets

Going on a strict diet will deprive you and your baby of important nutrients. Maintaining your pre-pregnancy weight isn’t a good enough reason to stop eating carbs, fats, or anything your magazine deems unhealthy. You’re responsible for creating a new life, and part of this responsibility is giving this life all the nutrients it needs to grow and be born healthy.

Think about adding prenatal to your diet

Prenatal vitamins are important: they make sure your baby gets all the nutrients it needs to grow strong while in your womb. You can get folic acid, iron, vitamin D, and calcium. All of these are needed to help your baby grow strong.

Avoid drinking too much caffeine

A little bit of caffeine doesn’t hurt, and we all know you need your coffee fix before starting the day (I know I do), but do not overdo it. If you consume more than 200mg of caffeine a day, it might hurt the baby, so go easy on those espressos and lattes.

Don’t avoid seafood


Some people say that a pregnant woman shouldn’t eat seafood, but it is actually recommended to eat fish while pregnant since they’re rich with Omega-3, an excellent fat that helps the baby’s growth in the womb.

Avoid some kinds of food

Of course, for a pregnant woman, there are some kinds of food that should absolutely be avoided because they have a high risk of contamination: unpasteurized milk and cheese, processed meat, raw eggs and seafood, and sprouts.


What about exercise in all that?

course, exercise is important, and just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you can give up on keeping a healthy and strong body. Of course, not every type of exercise is good for pregnant women, you can’t box nor go to a Cross Fit class when you’re 8 months pregnant and feel like you’re going to explode. But here’s what you can do though:


Swimming is an exercise that makes all of your muscles work, but without putting pressure on them. It’s the perfect exercise for pregnant women, and if you have low back pain, well just try swimming, and thank us later *wink wink*.


One of the best and easiest cardiovascular exercises is walking. Doctors encourage pregnant women to walk because it’s safe to do throughout the whole pregnancy and doesn’t put too much pressure on your knees and ankles (contrarily to running).

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates both will help you stay fit, toned, and flexible without impacting your joints. A great thing to do would be to add yoga to your routine cardiovascular activity (walking, aerobics, or swimming).

In the end

What you have to remember is that from now on, you’re responsible for a life, a life that you will love more than anyone else in the world. Pregnancy is a beautiful.


Written by Helena

Helena, a working woman, and a mother of 3 kids and founder of okaymother.com providing healthier and happier lifestyle for the kids and the family.

The Ultimate Guide To Deal with Ectopic Pregnancy Challenge

ECTOPIC PREGNANCY can be scary and sad if you don’t have proper guideline. Normally we know that Ectopic pregnancy is pregnancy outside uterus. So while you will pregnant there are chances to be ectopic pregnancy. What will you do if you have this pregnancy? The ultimate guide to ectopic pregnancy will help you to deal with ectopic pregnancy at any age.

  1. What is an Ectopic pregnancy?

The meaning of Ectopic almost defines the nature of Ectopic Pregnancy. The word Ectopic (ec·top·ic) means displaced, located in abnormal position. Generally a fertilized egg implants in the uterus, but sometimes they find themselves somewhere else! When the fetus start growing somewhere else other than the uterus then it is called Ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is pregnancy outside womb or baby outside uterus. 

 ectopic pregnancy

What is an ectopic pregnancy

The definition of Ectopic pregnancy can be “a pregnancy with the fertilized embryo implanted on any tissue other than the uterine lining”. Physiologists also define Ectopic Pregnancy as a state of pregnancy in which fertilized egg implants itself outside the uterus. In most cases Ectopic pregnancies occur in the fallopian tube. Since fallopian tubes are not supposed to hold a human fetus it cannot grow properly. Thus this can result in to the burst of the fallopian tube and cause major bleeding.

Ectopic pregnancy is also called tubal pregnancy or fallopian pregnancy. Fallopian tubes are the tubes that connects the womb to the ovaries. As the name suggests in tubal pregnancy the baby is outside the uterus. Ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy is also referred to as endoscopic pregnancy.

  1. Signs and symptoms of Ectopic pregnancy?

Once you know what is a tubal pregnancy, you must be thinking, “what are the signs and symptoms of tubal pregnancy?” or, “how does it feel like to have an Ectopic pregnancy?” Well, sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish Ectopic pregnancy from regular pregnancy. Usually the symptoms of an Ectopic pregnancy develop between the 4th and 12th weeks pf pregnancy. Other than the typical signs and symptoms of pregnancy there are few alarming signs that can help you recognize the symptoms of a potential Tubal (Ectopic) pregnancy. The early signs of Ectopic pregnancy are–

  • Vaginal bleeding : may be heavier or lighter than the usual period
  • Sharp lower abdominal pain of varying intensity
  • Sharp cramps in the abdomen
  • Having discomfort during the use of toilet
  • Pain in the shoulder or neck
  • Vomiting with pain
  • Pain in one side of the body
  • Unbearable pain in the case of rapture in to the fallopian tube
  • Fainting in pain
  • Ventricular ectopic heartbeat.

Types of Ectopic pregnancy

Different types of Ectopic pregnancies can be categorized as follows

  • Tubal pregnancy / ampullary pregnancy – Pregnancy occurring in the fallopian tube mostly located in the ampullary portion of the fallopian tube, almost 80% Ectopic pregnancies are tubal pregnancy
  • Interstitial pregnancy – a pregnancy that implants within the interstitial portion of the fallopian tube
  • Abdominal pregnancy—primarily implantation occurs on a peritoneal surface, secondarily, implantation originally in the tubal Ostia subsequently aborted and them re-implanted in the peritoneal surface
  • Cervical pregnancy – implantation of the developing conceptus in the cervical canal
  • Ligamentous pregnancy – a condition in which Ectopic and intrauterine pregnancies coexist
  • Ovarian pregnancy—a condition in which an EP implants within the ovarian cortex

Almost 95% of Ectopic pregnancies are in the tube, 1.5% abdominal, 0.5% ovarian and 0.03% are in the cervix

ventricular ectopic beat (VEB) is an extra heart-beat originating in the lower chamber of the heart. This beat, also called a premature ventricular contraction (PVC), occurs before the beat triggered by the heart’s normal function. Ectopic heartbeats are small changes in a heartbeat that is otherwise normal. These changes lead to extra or skipped heartbeats. Often there is not a clear cause for these changes. They are mostly harmless. The two most common types of ectopic heartbeats are: Multiple ventricular ectopic and Isolated ventricular ectopic

  1. Causes of Ectopic pregnancy

One of the most commonly asked questions about ectopic pregnancy is, “why does ectopic pregnancy occur?” Sadly enough, it is not always clear what causes an Ectopic pregnancy. However the following conditions are presumed to be some of the main causes of Ectopic pregnancy

  • Scarring or damage of the fallopian tubes due to infection, surgery or a previous medical condition.
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Genetic complications
  • Abnormal growths or Birth defects
  • Any disease affecting the shape and condition of the fallopian tubes
  • Medical complications with reproductive organs
  • Adhesions caused by previous surgery in the pelvic are or on the tubes

A damaged fallopian tube can increase the chance of tubal (ectopic) pregnancy. A damaged fallopian tube does not let a fertilized egg into the uterus. As a result the fertilized egg cannot finish its journey to the uterus and implants somewhere outside the uterus. Most commonly it is the fallopian tube where the eggs stop.

Who is at risk of Ectopic pregnancy?

Unfortunately it is hard to exclude anyone from the risk on an Ectopic pregnancy. Rather all sexually active women are at some risk for an Ectopic pregnancy. The following are some potential risk factors that increase the threat of Ectopic pregnancy

  • Women who are getting pregnant at a later stage, with a maternal age of 35 or more
  • Women who had multiple abortions
  • Women with previous abdominal or pelvic surgery
  • Previous record of Tubal pregnancy
  • Previous record of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), The rate of Ectopic pregnancy in women with previous known PID is about 10 times higher than in women with no previous history of PID.
  • Conceiving despite having a tubal ligation
  • Conceiving while having an Intrauterine Device (IUD) in place
  • Undergoing fertility treatments or are using fertility medications
  • History of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as gonorrhea or chlamydia
  • Having structural abnormalities in the fallopian tubes that make it hard for the egg to travel
  • Smoking
  • Endometriosis
  • After non-laparoscopic tubal ligation about 12% of pregnancies are Ectopic
  • After laparoscopic tubal coagulation about 50% of pregnancies are Ectopic
  • About 2% of In vitro fertilization (IVF) pregnancies are Ectopic

4. how to diagnose Ectopic pregnancy?

So, “how do I know if I am pregnant in my tubes?” Well, there are several ways to diagnose Ectopic pregnancy. In most cases a pelvic exam, pelvic ultrasound and blood tests are used to detect Ectopic pregnancy.

A pelvic exam can detect the extent of tenderness in the uterus or in the fallopian tubes; usually uterus is less enlarged than expected for a pregnancy or a mass in the pelvic area.

A pelvic ultrasound produces a picture of the organs and structure in the lower abdomen using the sound waves. However the most dependable way to show where a pregnancy is can be a trans-vaginal ultrasound. Six weeks after the last menstrual period a pregnancy in the uterus is visible. If there are no signs of an embryo or fetus in the uterus despite having an elevated or rising HCG level it can be presumed to be an Ectopic pregnancy.

Although much is made of blood hCG levels and ultrasound studies, the clinical impression of the gynecologist or reproductive endocrinologist is the most important factor in making a timely diagnosis of Tubal (Ectopic) pregnancy.


Peak HCG level % of Ectopics
<1000 45%
1000-3000 21%
3000-5000 15%
5000-10,000 10%
> 10,000 9%

Trend of hCG titers with Ectopic pregnancies

Trend of HCG levels % of cases
Falling 57%
Abnormally rising 36%
Normally rising 7%

(Reference for the above tables: Daus et al, Journal of Reproductive Medicine, February, 1989, p.162)

General rules often used for hCG levels:

  • The hCG level should rise at least 66% in 48 hours, and at least double in 72 hours
  • Plateauing hCG levels with either a half-life of > or = 7 days or a doubling time of > or = 7 days have the highest predictive value for Ectopic pregnancy of any hCG pattern

An important point is that the lower limit in these “formulas” for hCG doubling times, etc., is usually the 15th percentile for symptomatic but viable pregnancies. Therefore, we must be careful to give pregnancies with slow hCG rise every chance possible – they may turn out to be normal.

Sometimes a surgical procedure using laparoscopy is used to look for an Ectopic pregnancy. An Ectopic pregnancy after 5 weeks can usually be diagnosed and treated with a laparoscope. But laparoscopy is not often used to diagnose a very early Tubal pregnancy, because ultrasound and blood pregnancy tests are very accurate.

How early can you detect Ectopic pregnancy?

One of the most sought question about Ectopic pregnancy is “how early can you detect Ectopic pregnancy?” It is important that you find the answer of this question because if you can detect an Ectopic pregnancy early, you are much more likely to save your fallopian tube and may be your own life. As we have stated earlier, one of the first symptoms of Ectopic pregnancy is abdominal or pelvic pain or vomiting, in addition to vaginal spotting or bleeding. You might also suffer an odd pain in your shoulder or any side of your body. The pain in shoulder is caused by internal bleeding that irritates nerves that travel to your shoulder. If you have any of these symptoms that may indicate an Ectopic pregnancy contact to your doctor or health care provider immediately. The doctor may take any of the following steps—

  • A urine test that can confirm you are pregnant.
  • A blood test that indicates the changing level of a pregnancy hormone known as HCG or human chronic gonadotropin.
  • An ultrasound can also confirm an Ectopic pregnancy. Ultrasound is a painless internal (transvaginal ) scan that shows a view of the fallopian tubes. Sometimes if the pregnancy is too early the scan may not be clear. In that case a repeat scan may be required.

If the ultrasound shows no signs of an embryo or fetus in the uterus but there are still elevated levels of hCG, taken at 2 days interval, there is much more likely to be an Ectopic pregnancy. The earliest time to detect Ectopic pregnancy may vary person to person. However in some cases an Ectopic pregnancy can be detected as early as 4 to 5 week and up to 12 week or even later.

Can you have a period during Ectopic pregnancy?

In an Ectopic pregnancy you are less likely to have a period. However there is vaginal bleeding during Ectopic pregnancy but it should not be mistaken as late period. The vaginal bleeding during Ectopic pregnancy is often different from the bleeding of a period. In most cases the bleeding may be lighter or heavier than a monthly period. Sometimes the blood may look darker.

  1. What are the Risk factors of Ectopic pregnancy?

There are several complications of an Ectopic pregnancy that may take pare during or after the pregnancy. In most cases an Ectopic pregnancy can be treated without surgery if diagnosed early. But in an uncommon event of fallopian tube rupturing in Tubal pregnancy, there may be severe consequences. Serious medical problem can be caused by heavy bleeding and occasionally failure to stop bleeding immediately can cost a life. Hopefully most women are diagnosed in the early stages. In that case Tubal (Ectopic) pregnancy can be detected at an early stage before the fetus grows large enough to cause the fallopian tube rupture. If this happens most women recover very well. However, like all other medical surgery there may be some rare complications after surgery and there are always some chances of side-effects from taking the medical treatment option.

Often women are curious to know if they will be able to have a normal pregnancy after an Ectopic pregnancy. The answer is, YES. There is almost 7 in 10 chance of having a normal pregnancy after suffering from an Ectopic pregnancy. But there is chance that a record of Tubal pregnancy may lead to another Tubal pregnancy in 1-2 women in 10.

Therefore in future pregnancies it is important to see a doctor early for the women who have had an ampullary (Ectopic) pregnancy.


Depression is also a common scenario after ampullary (Ectopic) pregnancy. It is important to consult with a doctor to avoid depression caused by worries about possible future ampullary pregnancy, the effect on fertility and sadness over the loss of pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of a ruptured fallopian tube?

In the worst cases of Ectopic pregnancy the fetus in to the fallopian tube can grow large enough to split the fallopian tube, popularly known as rupture. Ruptures are very serious and sometimes it can be life threatening. If any symptoms of rupture show up, an emergency surgery is required to repair the fallopian tube immediately. One or more of the following can be an indication of a ruptured fallopian tube:

  • A sudden sharp and intense pain in the lower abdomen
  • Feeling very dizzy suddenly
  • Fainting
  • Feeling sick looking very pale

An immediate operation after the fallopian rupture can be lifesaving.

Where are the fallopian tubes located?

Fallopian tubes also known as oviducts or uterine tubes are the tubes in female structure that are lined with ciliated epithelia leading from the ovaries into the uterus via the utero tubal junction. Fallopian tubes transport the ova from the ovary to the uterus each month. For proper implantation it is essential that the fallopian tubes transport the fertilized eggs to the uterus.

  1. How to treat an Ectopic pregnancy?

While talking about the treatment of ectopic pregnancy, most women want to know, “can an ectopic pregnancy survive?” or “can an ectopic pregnancy be moved to uterus?’’. Frustrating enough, the answer is most likely to be a “No”. Usually a baby in an ectopic pregnancy cannot survive, though in extremely rare cases he or she might. Unfortunately, currently no medical technology exists that can move an ectopic pregnancy from the fallopian tubes to the uterus.

That is why the ectopic pregnancy treatment mainly deals with the damage occurred in the fallopian tubes. There are several Ectopic pregnancy medication options. The treatment of an Ectopic pregnancy often depends on the stage in which Ectopic pregnancy is detected. If diagnosed early an Ectopic pregnancy can be treated without surgery. In case of fallopian tube rupture you may need a surgery.

  • Ectopic pregnancy treatment – Methotrexate: in case of early detection of an Ectopic pregnancy you may be given a medicine called Methotrexate, often as an injection. The drug remove the abnormal pregnancy tissue by killing the cells of the pregnancy growing in the fallopian tube. Normally methotrexate is prescribed in very early stage of pregnancy. While it can save you from surgery, it is important to have a close observation for several weeks with a repeated blood tests and scants to check it is working.
  • Laparoscopic surgery for ectopic pregnancy: you may need to go through a surgery if the Tubal (Ectopic) pregnancy is diagnosed later, or you are in severe pain or having heavy bleeding. Through the surgery you may need to open the tube and get the pregnancy extracted or you may need to remove part of the fallopian tube.
  • Salpingostomy for ectopic pregnancy: Salpingostomy is a surgical incision into a fallopian tube. A Salpingostomy is applied to repair a damaged fallopian tube or to remove an ectopic pregnancy. Salpingostomy may also be performed in an effort to restore fertility to a woman whose fallopian tubes have been damaged, such as by adhesions.
  • Salpingectomy for ectopic pregnancy: in Salpingectomy a fallopian tube segment is removed. The remaining healthy fallopian tube may be reconnected. Salpingectomy is needed when the fallopian tube is being stretched by the pregnancy and may rupture or when it has already ruptured or is very damaged.
ectopic pregnancy

salpingostomy of ectopic pregnancy

Both salpingostomy and salpingectomy can be done either through a small incision using laparoscopy or through a larger open abdominal incision (laparotomy). Laparoscopy takes less time than laparotomy.

Wait and see: luckily Tubal (Ectopic) pregnancies are not always life threatening. In many cases Tubal pregnancy is likely to resolve by itself without any future problems. It often ends in a way similar to that of a miscarriage.


Nursing care plan for Ectopic pregnancy

  • Addressing the appropriate physical needs and monitoring for complications.
  • Assessing vital signs like bleeding and pain
  • Proper orientation to relieve anxiety
  • Learning self-care measures depending on the treatment.
  • Addressing emotional and physical needs.
  1. After an Ectopic Pregnancy

         How soon after an ectopic pregnancy can you conceive again?  :

Some women are desperate to try to conceive again after an ectopic pregnancy while some others are scared and feel they need more time to recover emotionally and physically. But getting pregnant too early after an ectopic pregnancy can be difficult and there are risks. Women often have a damaged, scarred or blocked tube after an Ectopic pregnancy.

Those who are trying to conceive after an ectopic pregnancy must take some precaution. Most women are often advised to wait a few months for the damaged area to heal. It’s the best if your wait for three months or two full menstrual cycles before trying to conceive. But the bleeding in the first week of treatment for an Ectopic pregnancy must not be mistaken as the first period. The chances of having a successful pregnancy after an ectopic are very satisfactory. Some women are also advised in vitro fertilization, putting 1 or 2 embryos into the middle of the uterine cavity with a very low risk for ectopic.

Though it’s true that the pregnancy can never survive, a planned treatment before rupture can save you from future complication. Most women with Ectopic pregnancies do not need surgery. No doubt it’s scary to have an Ectopic pregnancy. But remember this: More than half of all women who had an Ectopic pregnancy in the past go on to have one or more healthy pregnancies in the future.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Early symptoms of pregnancy

You can see a lots of early symptoms of pregnancy during very early stages of pregnancy. These symptoms are likely found in most of the women who are already conceived.One of the most early symptoms of pregnancy is the missing of period or delaying of period for a week or two. Almost 70% of the women have symptoms when they are in about six weeks of pregnancy.

Every woman should calculate or keep deep eyes over her menstruation cycle. It helps a women to find out any change in normal period. Delaying in natural period or missing of a period varies from one month to the next. And you cannot be sure when your period will start. So it is important for every woman to track her menstruation cycle.

Pregnancy symptoms may vary for the same woman from one pregnancy to the very next. So the following symptoms may give you some sorts of idea of getting pregnant but cannot confirm you. You can also experience the same symptoms without getting conceived, these can be happened for bodies other reason.

So, only a pregnancy test can confirm you about your pregnancy. But you can keep close eyes on the followings:

Common Early Symptoms:

A positive home pregnancy test
A missed period
High basal body temperature
Nausea/Morning Sickness
Swollen breasts
Vaginal Spotting and Cramping
Frequent Urination
Abdominal Bloating
Dizziness and fainting
Back Pains
Mood Swings
Food Aversion

A positive home pregnancy test:

By using a positive home pregnancy test kit you can easily confirm your pregnancy. There are a lot of pregnancy test kits are available in market which are very easy to take a test. After a missed period you can test it by yourself and if you get negative result then try again in few days interval. One thing is very important that is, a baby starts to grow before your confirmation of pregnancy. So everybody should be very careful regarding this.


If you find a positive result by testing kit please do not hesitate to meet or appoint to a doctor. This is very important.

A missed period:

If you have a regular menstruation cycle and if it does not come on to your expected time then you can go for a home pregnancy test. But a missed period does not confirm your pregnancy. Due to any intra hormonal changes into the body or medicine’s side effect may be caused for a missed period . So nothing to worry about.

High basal body temperature:

Basal body temperature is the temperature of your body found in early in the morning before you getting up from bed. Basal body temperature changes about 12 to 15 hours after the ovulation. Normal non-ovulating temperature for a woman lays between 96 to 99 degree Fahrenheit,during early stages of pregnancy it may be increased about to a half degree Fahrenheit.

basal temperature checking

basal temperature checking

High basal body temperature is a key indicator for being pregnant. If you observe high basal body temperature for 2-3 weeks after a missed period then you can think of conceived. But to be confirmed you must use a pregnancy test kit.

Nausea/Morning Sickness:

It is a common symptom of being pregnant. It’s mostly happens in the first trimester of the total pregnancy period. It is experienced minimum after one month of conception. Pregnancy related nausea can be happened at any time. But most women get relief from nausea during the second trimester of pregnancy.

Swollen breasts:

Swollen breast/tender is an important sign of being pregnant. You may feel the prickling or tingling sensation in your breasts or in nipples. It happens because of high blood circulation into your breasts nerves due to pregnancy hormone generation. You can see this type of sign within 02 weeks of your conception. At the beginning you may feel discomfort with the changes but after a period of time the body will be adjusted enough with the hormone changes.

Vaginal spotting and cramping:

Another important early signs of pregnancy is the change of the colour in vulva and vagina. It’s also called Chadwick’s Sign. It is the phenomena happen mostly in the four weeks of conception. During being pregnant the pink colour of vulva and vagina get turns into dark purplish-red.

The increase of blood circulation between the tissues of this area is the reason for changing the colour. According to the experts spotting is caused by fertilized egg implanting in uterus. It is painless.


Fatigue is a common pregnancy symptom. There are a lot of reasons behind of being fatigued; it is not only for the pregnancy. You may get fatigued frequently during the early stage of pregnancy. Your body becomes tired to give support to your growing baby. Changing in your progesterone hormone level in pregnancy also causes sleepiness. You may also feel emotional and weepy.



Frequent urination:

Frequent urination is also an early symptom of getting pregnant. Hormonal changes increase the rate of blood flow towards your kidneys’, as a result your bladder get filled more quickly than the normal times, so you have to go for pee frequently. This symptom is seen at the six weeks of getting conceived.

Frequent urination continues as your pregnancy period getting old. The problem is compounded when your growing baby exerts more pressure to your bladder.

Abdominal bloating:

You may feel abdominal bloating during the early stages of pregnancy due to bodies’ hormonal change. It is quite identical in feelings for women as they have just before of period. So that your clothes may feel more sung though your uterus is quite small then.

Food aversions:

Other early common symptoms of pregnancy are food aversion. During pregnancy you may notice a metallic taste on your mouth and that’s drives you to be an extra sensitive to the smells of food or cooking. It is may be the side effect of rapidly increasing of oestrogen hormone in your system.

Progesterone hormone increases you hunger but due to hormonal change you cannot eat easily what you want. You may dislike some smells and tastes such as coffee, tea, alcohol, eggs, spicy or fried food etc.


During pregnancy high level of progesterone hormone cause you constipated. Food passes more slowly due to progesterone hormone.

Dizziness and fainting:

These are also common symptoms of pregnancy. These are related to dilating blood vessels, lower blood pressure and lower blood sugar. Lack of blood flow that means oxygen flow is the reason for dizziness and fainting.

Headaches and back pains:

Many women experience headaches and back pains during early pregnancy due to a lot hormonal changes into the body organs.

Mood swings:

It is a very common problem that is seen during pregnancy. The hormonal changes affect the levels of neurotransmitters which are chemical messenger towards the brain. The response with the change is different from woman to woman. Many women get depressed or anxious at that time.

From the short discussion it is seen that the early symptoms during pregnancy mainly happens for the hormonal changes into the body. To cope with the changes of the body reacts by the above symptoms. During this early pregnancy time women should eat a lots of vitamin, minerals, protein enriched foods, fruits. These may give you some sort of comforts.

A symptom cannot confirm your pregnancy. So after getting any of the symptoms you should go for a home pregnancy test. If it is positive then you definitely contact with a doctor and abide his suggestion strictly.

21 weeks of pregnancy : Position of Mother and Baby

  • 21 Weeks  Pregnant

    21 week is almost halfway of pregnancy season as well as second trimester. You should be careful during this time toward what you eat and drink. It happens various things on the inside and outside of Mom’s body. You should be watchful concerning the position of your baby too.

    A woman to her 21 weeks pregnant

    21 weeks pregnant

    movement .You may feel your baby’s kick and march on every day. If there is no movement of baby’s it’s not a matter of worried because not all girls feel their baby’s movement till later within the gestation.

    At 21 weeks pregnant, your belly outwardly continues to grow and grow. Meanwhile you may start to percept a number of unpleasant gestation symptoms as like beginning of stretch marks and backaches.

    Take care of pregnant woman at 21 week of Pregnancy

    With a view to getting an active growing baby continue to eat right and nutritious food and exercise  regularly that will help you to make your hard time easier .

  • It is important to drink lots of water . Vitamin A is more important during pregnancy for your and sake of your baby . Vitamin A , egg yolk , milk those are good to eat at the time of pregnancy. Don’t eat liver during pregnancy. Another important element is cholesterol. It is important because lack of cholesterol result in a low birth weight baby.In the production of many hormones it is needed. You can take juice too, juice like carrot juice, water melon juice etc.
  • Although stretch marks and backaches are common affair you should not be indifferent about it . Your doctor will offer you suggestions to abate your discomfort


  • *Take a warm bath, or apply cold and hot compresses to the realm.
  • * Take a massage form an expert therapist.
  • * Do not sleep on your back but on your side .



  • At the time of 21 weeks pregnant Iron is another essential element for you. Take at least 30 mg of iron in a single day.Why do you need iron:-

21 weeks pregnant

  • * It will help you to avoid the risk of anemia.
  • * To make hemoglobin.
  • * It helps you to maintain a healthy immune system.
  • * It is an important component of myoglobin and many enzymes.
  • * It is seen that many women start their pregnancy with insufficient stores of iron they need more iron during pregnancy.

    Sources of Iron


    One of the best sources of iron is red meat for pregnant woman (except liver as it contains unsafe vitamin A). You may also get iron from vegetables and grains. Eat a variety of iron-rich foods every day.

    How your Baby at 21 weeks

  • 21 weeks pregnant

    Your baby currently weights concerning three-quarters of pound and is close to ten 1/2 inch long. Because of it’s initial fluttering movement turn into full-fledged  kick and nudges may be felt. It may be active you will additionally discover it.

    Currently , your baby’s eyebrows and eyelids are formed at that time.If its a girl baby her vagina has begun to make further more. As well as its skin is somewhat a little bit seen. Meanwhile, your fetus sleeps perhaps 12 to 14 hours per day, as much as a new born baby.

    Each day your baby swallow a bit of amniotic fluid at 21 weeks pregnant . According to your food habit the taste of the amniotic fluid vary from day to day.

Missed Period with Negative Pregnancy Test

Missed Period with Negative Pregnancy Test

missed period with negative pregnancy test

missed period with negative pregnancy test

A woman can some of the huge number of the most frustrating experience for a period toward the evening and have a missed and late period with negative pregnancy test. In the event that you are attempting to consider or envision you are making an effort not to be a ton of weight and a missed period negative pregnancy test outcomes regardless of the length of time of the repeating, disarray, and the considered what could happen I figure pregnant? Provided that this is true, then the negative pregnancy test outcomes, why? I’m not pregnant, then where is my time?

First, there is a period of delay and a negative result is not necessarily a paradox. There are some possible explanations. Your time is late or lost, in fact, in many cases, could be explained other than pregnancy. Indeed a menstrual period, pregnancy is a result of the negative pregnancy test, which is caused by the condition. To look more closely at these two conditions, and let’s explore some of the possible causes.

Missed Period with Negative Pregnancy Test copy

If you have a menstrual period and is already in early pregnancy, etc. Some of the symptoms of the pregnancy test but that he was still not pregnant. What could be happening? A “false negative pregnancy test” face? If so, it makes false negatives?

If you are pregnant, assuming the simplest explanation is the low sensitivity to prove that he has bought in the recipe. The hCG level reaches a certain threshold, and the evidence is simply not sensitive enough to produce a positive result only when the test can detect pregnancy means. To test test many brands are still at least wait until the first day of your menstrual period, ask. And you have to be at its highest in a particular sample hCG levels increase the accuracy of tests to ensure that the following tips to ensure a pregnancy test – is a solution to this problem is only possible to use a more sensitive brand. Click here for more information on these tips, pregnancy tests. What are the results of a tip is to use the first urine.

Then, it is very important to follow the instructions! And “response time” as accurately test, learn to read and respect. Elapsed time to complete response (usually between 5 and 10 minutes) to not dispose of a diagnostic kit. For the test to be considered valid the test should show a control line.

What is a pregnancy test?

missed period negative pregnancy tests

Pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests are intended to distinguish a unique hormone that is just present when a lady is pregnant. This hormone, known as human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), is created by the placenta when a female ovum (egg) has been treated by a male spermatozoa (sperm) and inserts in the female’s uterus. This happens, by and large, around six days after the egg and sperm meet up. The level of HCG increments as the pregnancy advances. Be that as it may, six days is only a normal for a few ladies, implantation does not happen until days after the fact. Pregnancy tests can identify HCG in both pee and blood. While a few ladies like to go to the specialist for a blood test to figure out if they are pregnant, numerous ladies like to perform a pregnancy test in the solace and protection of their own washroom. These tests, accessible monetarily, are extremely exact generally when utilized at the correct time. Home pregnancy tests (HPTs) are most exact when utilized one week after a missed menstrual period. On the other hand, as said already, a few ladies don’t encounter implantation until a later time. These ladies, a littler rate, are undoubtedly pregnant, however their HPT may be negative. This can bring about some disarray and stress.

What I do if the negative missed period and I have pregnancy test?

missed period with negative pregnancy test

Cause of Late period pregnancy test negative

Since lady’s cycles are diverse lengths and ovulation can happen at distinctive times for distinctive ladies, and the egg can embed at different times in a lady’s uterus, a few ladies will have a missed period with negative pregnancy test when they test a week after they have missed a period will at present be pregnant. Specialists propose that ladies who have a negative pregnancy test ought to test again in a week, as HCG levels might not have come to a sufficiently high level to be distinguishable. In the event that the test is again negative, the lady ought to see her specialist.

There are other early indications of pregnancy that a lady may encounter that may educate her to her pregnancy, not  with standing a missed period pregnancy test. These signs and indications are regularly exceptionally inconspicuous in ahead of schedule pregnancy and can be mixed up for the side effects of different conditions:

  • Breast delicacy bosoms (and now and then alveolars) may feel exceptionally delicate and may swell, pretty much as they regularly will amid a few ladies’ menstrual periods. A few ladies experience bosom delicacy as an early indication of pregnancy.
  • Fatigue-albeit a few ladies won’t experience weakness until later in their pregnancy, a few ladies notification exhaustion at a very early stage in their pregnancy.
  • Frequency-a few ladies experience urinary recurrence at an opportune time as their uterus develops, setting weight on the bladder and requiring regular outings to the woman’s room.
  • Nausea and heaving this may be the most punctual indication of pregnancy for a few ladies and can endure for a long time. Sickness is frequently more terrible in the morning after arousing or when the stomach is extremely void.
  • Mood swings-adjusted hormone levels may bring about your mind-sets to be to some degree flimsy for some time! You may end up snickering one moment and crying the following. No compelling reason to freeze this is ordinary and will pass. (On the off chance that it doesn’t, or you end up feeling miserable a significant part of the time, see your doctor).
  • Fainting-a few ladies experience wooziness and/or faintness in ahead of schedule pregnancy, especially in the event that they avoid a feast. They may ascribe this to skipping breakfast, without acknowledging they are pregnant and their developing child is spending the greater part of their accessible vitality.
  • Increased temperature-ladies who are TTC (attempting to imagine) may be outlining their temperature to decide when they ovulate. Their temperature may stay hoisted for a few days when they get to be pregnant. Ladies who have not been diagramming their temperatures might simply find that they feel hotter than ordinary a significant part of the time.
  • Bloating and weight increase a few ladies may characteristic the bloating of right on time pregnancy with indulging. Weight increase can start very quickly for a few ladies. On the off chance that you are putting on weight and have missed a period, there is an in number probability you are pregnant and you ought to retest if your pregnancy test was negative!

In spite of the fact that pregnancy tests are exceptionally precise generally, they can some of the time give a false-negative result when a lady is to be sure pregnant. On the off chance that you have missed period and negative pregnancy test get a result, retest in a week-particularly in the event that you have other physical indications of pregnancy.

Pregnancy test responsiveness

Because of a false negative missed period pregnancy test or you are taking are in the middle of the sensitivity of pregnancy tests. Home pregnancy test in the urine of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is used to determine if there is some. Depending on how ovulation and when you walk on it, HCG levels, the body may not be enough to make a positive use. You can wait for 48 hours or you can try a variety of sensitive pregnancy test. If you choose quoted box store sensitivity levels for each test.

Reasons for Missed Period, Negative Test, at the wrong time

missed period with negative pregnancy test,

Negative pregnancy test with missed period

A standout among the most well-known reasons you may see a negative result on your at home pregnancy test is on account of you are taking the test at the wrong time of day. Ordinarily, the measure of hCG in your body this ahead of schedule in pregnancy in more common first thing in the morning. The more you abandon utilizing the restroom, the more hCG shows up in your pee. On the off chance that you are not utilizing the first pee of the morning to test, your shots of getting a false negative increment.

After a pregnancy test guidelines

missed period with negative pregnancy tests

Missed period Pregnancy test guidelines. Everybody is blameworthy of incidentally skimming however guidelines in light of the fact that they think they know precisely what they are doing. It’s most likely why such a large number of men wind up with additional pieces and parts in the wake of collecting the youngsters’ Christmas Presents. In the event that you don’t deliberately read the directions on your specific home pregnancy test, you may get a false missed period with negative pregnancy test result in spite of the way that your period is late. All tests are distinctive. In the event that you don’t hold the stick in your pee sufficiently long, check the outcome too early, or hold up too long to check the outcome, you won’t not get an exact perusing.

You’re too young

Regardless of the fact that you think you are certain that your period is expected on a particular day, you may not be right. Your period could change at whatever time. This implies your body may ovulate somewhat later than common on any given month, pushing back the begin date of your period by a couple of days. When you think you’ve missed your period, you may not be right. This could be another explanation behind a false test outcome.

What to do next missed period?

Missed Period With Negative Pregnancy Tests


Because you get a result on your missed period with negative pregnancy test, it doesn’t mean you are not pregnant. On the other hand, it likewise doesn’t mean you are. An excess of anxiety, an extraordinary change in eating routine, an adjustment in your hormones, med you may be taking for ailment and sickness itself may make you miss a period or experience your period later than normal one month. The best thing you can do to discount or affirm a conceivable pregnancy or other well being issue is to contact your specialist. Your specialist can request blood tests that will indicate regardless of whether you are pregnant. In the event that you aren’t pregnant, your specialist can perform some different tests to discount to run any well being issue from which you may be enduring, for example, a tubal pregnancy or fruitlessness.

Homemade Pregnancy Test and Its Limitations

Homemade pregnancy test

In ancient times there almost avowedly were techniques and courses used to realize whether a woman was truly pregnant or not. Women in those days used to make use of these tests and would rely on upon them unquestionably. Some women of modern days do not know about homemade pregnancy test.

There are numerous ladies who are not happy with setting off to a specialist’s office and experiencing early pregnancy tests. A large portion of them however do not feel great or rather bashful to demand the pregnancy kits which are sold over the counter in the larger part of the drug store. This was dared to be a hand made pregnancy test for women who didn’t wish to go to the specialist’s office for the same.

Fast Response Early Result

The homemade pregnancy test is a particular strategy you can use to identify pregnancy without using any medical products. You can decide on a DIY (do it yourself) at home pregnancy test to affirm pregnancy without telling anybody. These homemade pregnancy tests are normally very shabby too, but you have to know how to use a pregnancy test. The majority of the home solutions for pregnancy test is not logically ended up being precise, but rather despite everything you have to see how to handle things legitimately.

Furthermore, these tests might just affirm pregnancy; they are not the slightest bit any substitute to the level of antenatal consideration required to acquire a sound child the world.

When to take pregnancy test ?

This is a common question which each first-time mother comes across. As she is going to experience it for the first time, she gets very confused about this- how soon pregnancy test? But, do not be confused also; take a pregnancy test on the first day of your missed period. It is very easy to know the date if you have a regular menstrual cycle. If your period is irregular and you are not sure about the date, then take a test three weeks after you had unprotected intercourse.

What are signs of pregnancy ?

The presence of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your urine confirms your pregnancy. It is also known as the pregnancy hormone. After you get pregnant your body generates hCG, which helps to create the placenta (The fertilized egg that gets connected to the mass of the uterus gets sustenance security from the placenta).

So, most of the dependable homemade pregnancy tests confirm pregnancy by examining the presence of hCG level in the urine. Apart from the hCG level in the urine there are additionally numerous substantial signs which indicate that you are pregnant. Some, such early signs of pregnancy are:
• Missed period (the most clear sign which indicate that you are pregnant)
• Higher body temperature
• Vomiting sensation
• Swollen and tender breasts
• Increased frequency to pass urine, etc.

The early signs of pregnancy vary from woman to woman. A few of them experience almost all the signs while some others do not even experience one. So in such cases it is important to take the reliable homemade pregnancy test to detect whether you are pregnant or not.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Dandelion Leaves

homemade pregnancy test

Dandelion Leaves

One of the most mainstream approaches to test whether a lady is pregnant or not is the dandelion system. This strategy requires that a lady cuts dandelion leaves and places them in a plastic pot. It is essential that while setting the leaves in the compartment or while transporting them to the holder they don’t get into contact with direct sunlight. She ought to then urinate in the holder and guarantee that all the leaves are completely soaked. After every 10 minutes, the leaves should be checked for reddish blisters. If the leaves turn reddish, then the woman is pregnant.

Bleach Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test

Bleach Pregnancy Test

Bleach pregnancy test is the second strategy which numerous ladies use to figure out if they are pregnant or not. While bleach has been utilized for a long time as a brightening item for garments, a lady can really utilize it as a best home pregnancy test substance. The lady is required to do is to put bleach in a container together with the urine. In the wake of blending the two and seeing that there is some froth or some frothy substance framing, then this implies she is pregnant. It is imperative that when blending blanch with the pee that the lady be in the open. On the off chance that breathed in, the vapor can make harm the pregnancy or even the lady’s health.

Toothpaste Pregnancy Test

homemade pregnancy test

Homemade pregnancy test with toothpaste

Toothpaste is the other homemade pregnancy test that ladies prominently utilize. Given that each home has toothpaste and it gets utilized each other day. This is one of the most effortless testing systems that a lady can utilize. All that one will be required to do is to place toothpaste in a holder and after that place pee in it. In the event that the shading swings to somewhat blue, then there is a high probability that the lady is pregnant.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Vinegar

homemade pregnancy test

Homemade pregnancy test with vinegar

Take some vinegar in a plastic pot and blend it with your crisp pee. This is another easy homemade pregnancy test with vinegar. There may be some gurgling, and you should not bother about it. On the off chance that the shade of fluid changes from its unique shading when you blended, it implies that you ought to expect a child. An impeccable free urine pregnancy test, this custom made pregnancy test with vinegar has been being used subsequent to the old times when there were no hints of medicinal innovation.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Pine sol

homemade pregnancy test

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Pine sol

Pine sol pregnancy test is the other testing system that has been being used for a long time. From the long time past days, ladies have been utilizing pine sol to test whether they are pregnant or not. The blend is an in number hostile to microorganism operators. A man will be expected to blend pine sol and pee in a non permeable compartment and sit tight for the outcomes. In the event that there will be any change of shading from the characteristic shade of pine sol then the lady has been pregnant

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar

homemade pregnancy test

Grainy Sugar

Homemade Pregnancy Test

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Sugar

This homemade pregnancy test with sugar is best attempted with the first pee of the day. In a container, add a few spoons of sugar (the little precious stones, not powder) and urinate on it. If it forms clumps and does not dissolve, then you can affirm your pregnancy. This is another simple and free strategy to find out at home pregnancy test. Additionally, this technique has turned out to be 97.6% precise, so I would propose you lovely women to attempt best early pregnancy test from the rest of the list of checks it.

Homemade Pregnancy Test with Urine Itself

homemade pregnancy test

Homemade pregnancy test with urine itself

Collect your pee in a container or a jar. Verify the jar is laying on a level surface and do not touch or shake it at all. Following 24 hours, on the off chance that you see a thin white layer on the surface of your pee, the test is sure and affirms your pregnancy. In the event that nothing appears on the top layer of your pee, the test is negative and you are not pregnant. This is the third most list demanding test of all the above I have specified. You require no additional materials or fixings, simply the persistence of 24, inquisitive hours.

Limitations of homemade pregnancy tests

The reality of the matter is that the after effects of any homemade pregnancy test are not cent percent right and it is impossible to detect what is the best pregnancy test. The outcome might likewise be subjective to the lady who is trying it. The homemade pregnancy test should be maintained as an early detection pregnancy test.

There is no indicator of the amount of urine and another substance to combine to get an exact result. The guidelines about frothing, foaming, clamping, blistering and discoloration may also be confusing false pregnancy test. It is therefore a better idea to use medical pregnancy strips or devices which are scientifically proven and give accurate results as well.

You Need to Like Your Motherhood

Pregnancy is a gift and nothing gives a lady more delight than motherhood. Prepare yourself and learn the pregnancy with straightforward fixings from your kitchen without worrying about any doctor’s visit expenses and meeting charges of the specialists.

With the affirmation of the pregnancy begins the excursion of your motherhood, it is a perspective and the body which needs compelling alert, love and care. Pregnancy can thoroughly worry, you and the channel you of vitality. Taking great consideration of yourself is of prime significance. Whether it is solid sustenance, or satisfactory result, your well being should be regulated.

In instances of unplanned pregnancy, despite the fact that there are numerous distinct options for end the pregnancies, yet parenthood has been without a doubt a divine blessing and everything choices need to be weighed upon precisely. Rather than premature birth and murdering the embryo, you can bring forth the child and ask other non-possible couples to receive the infant.

7th Month Of Pregnancy

The pregnant woman to her 7th Month Of Pregnancy

At the beginning of the third quarter, 7th Month Of Pregnancy many mothers see their anxieties, fears and concerns resurface with the approach of the term.
Fear of childbirth itself is its origin, but this also adds that of not being up to this new role of Mom looming: “Will I learn to take care of my baby, do whatever it takes for him …? “.

7th Month Of Pregnancy

7th Month Of Pregnancy

These issues are quite normal and it is likely that when the day comes, they are resolved in the most natural of the world!Meanwhile, take advice from the midwife that animates childbirth preparation you have chosen and expressing it with all your anxieties, ask all your questions … If you have not started your preparation sessions , start it now!The 7th Month Of Pregnancy  may be marked by the appearance of the first contractions … your uterus contracts, sometimes several times a day. Under the effect of this contraction, your belly hardens. Relax, breathe deeply and quickly stomach will regain its suppleness.

Your body is thus preparing for childbirth. If contractions are painful or frequent, talk to your gynecologist or midwife who follows you.If you make too much effort, the outbreak of a contraction will remind you to order and tell you that we must slow down!Baby still has a lot of space (but not for long …), it moves and twirls in the amniotic fluid. Use this time to share these moments of communication with Dad or with the environment, siblings: attach your hands on your belly and let it do!

You begin to know his little habits: some are active mostly when you are lying down, at rest, others are more passive and do not move very little and still others continue to move to the point of sometimes or hurt you waking up at night! His days are now punctuated by short sleep phases agitated and calm sleep. His respiratory system and refines its digestive tract, all governed by a brain that gradually continues to expand.

Baby’s internal temperature is regulated his respiratory system also. His body becomes plump with fat accumulation.At the end of the 7th Month Of Pregnancy, on average baby weighs nearly 1.5 kg to over 35 cm. Baby grows and you too! But you must continue to monitor your weight gain, eating healthy and balanced to provide baby everything it needs.

At home pregnancy test

Here are some common symptoms that a newly pregnant woman experience before the test can detect something. However, nothing can check whether a woman is actually pregnant until doing a  blood test, ultrasound or other tests conducted by the doctor performed. But, it can be determine reviewing some symptoms by at home pregnancy test. It is recognized that there are several common symptoms of pregnancy. Every woman’s physiology determine if these symptoms occur any or during pregnancy.

The absence of menstruation

  • Tender breasts and increase
  • Sickness
  • Fatigue
  • Cravings
  • Frequent urination
  • BBT
  • Curious tests to see if I’m pregnant:

How can determine pregnancy  through at home pregnancy test:

Wondering if you are pregnant or may not become a stressful situation, excitement and anxiety depending on whether the woman wants to have a baby. If you suspect you are pregnant, then you should know as soon as possible to begin taking the necessary precautions for their health and think you want to take decisions regarding their future. When you’re pregnant you can easily recognize certain physical changes that go along with pregnancy.Then we’ll tell you how to detect these changes and other important information to know if you are pregnant or not.


pregnancy test,at home pregnancy test

Make memory of their actions:

It is very important that you remember if at any time of sex or no condom use, or broke it forgot to take her birth control pills. In the case of having committed an error as the above you can have a great possibility of being pregnant, as these contraceptive methods are very important in determining your pregnancy. On the other hand, if you have used all contraceptive methods correctly and has taken all possible precautions you may be not pregnant and is just a false alarm.
Discuss whether implementation was bleeding

If you witness slight bleeding during the time before or after your period you may be in the presence of implantation bleeding, as this happens when a woman becomes pregnant. A little blood loss takes place before monthly bleeding that women have or days after your period. You should definitely see a doctor or take a test to make sure Eva if you are pregnant or not.
Look for symptoms of nausea, vomiting or other digestive abnormalities

Usually women to become pregnant suffer different digestive disorders that lead them to have feelings of vomiting, nausea and dizziness. For this reason you should pay close attention to any of these symptoms as they may be signs of pregnancy. But do not be alarmed, because sometimes you’re just going through a box intestinal or digestive disorder that causes dizziness, vomiting and nausea.
Changes in eating behaviors

Many would find pregnant women to have eating disorders caused by pregnancy. The increase in the need to eat sweets or salty foods most of the time can be a sign of will and therefore pregnancy. If you are unsure of this behavior you should consult your doctor or make an Eva test for safety since it is not a determining factor of pregnancy.
Take effective pregnancy tests

If you want to be 100% confident you are pregnant or should not perform accurate and effective test for pregnancy rid of any doubt.Many women opt for urine tests performed with Eva test, since it gives results in minutes. But often these devices can fail and cause erroneous data, either claiming a pregnancy as denial. For this reason women are advised to contact a gynecologist or obstetrician to ensure permanently if you are pregnant. Your doctor will perform some simple tests and in minutes determine if you are going to be a mother.
These were some of the steps and tips to determine if a woman is pregnant or not. We hope you have found useful. Do not hesitate to leave your comments, until next time!
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If you are trying to get pregnant or trying to avoid pregnancy, and want to know immediately if you are pregnant or not. Pregnancy test strip are fast, accurate, and reliable to know that. A simple alternative when you need immediate and discreet results in the privacy of your own home.
This pregnancy test have greater accuracy than 99.9% and are able to detect the hormone hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin) at levels of only 10 mIU / ml . That means that you can know if you become pregnant between 6-8 days after ovulation. Even before pouring missing your period.

Begin testing between 7 and 10 days after ovulation.


• Format: Tiras.
• Approved by the FDA and the EC.
• Testing is 99.9% accurate and results are obtained within 5 minutes.
• It has a sensitivity of 10 mIU / mL (they are the most sensitive test market).
• Each strip is packaged separately.
• Maturity: not expire for another 18-24 months



Why they are so desirable?
Strip Pregnancy and ovulation tests are used with full warranty worldwide and meet a number of requirements of the EU (European Union) also meet the requirements demanded by the FDA (Food and Drug Agency in the US).

Are there differences between at home pregnancy tests and those performed in the doctor’s office?
No differences. Many doctors and clinics use strip pregnancy tests. Occasionally, some women may indicate you a confirmation with a blood test, but this test is not very different from our pregnancy tests as both seek the presence of HCG.

How does a pregnancy test?

The human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone produced by the developing placenta shortly after conception and is present in the urine. The pregnancy test contains antibodies which specifically react with this hormone.
When the strip is immersed into a urine container, capillary action causes the liquid to rise through the membrane.When LH in the urine reaches the so-called “test area” of the strip, in the membrane a colored line appears if the concentration of the hormone is adequate. Absence of this colored line indicates a negative result.
To control the test has been performed properly, a colored line appears when the urine reaches the area of the strip called “Zone of Control”.

A normal woman who is pregnant has a concentration of hCG in urine 5mIU or less. Pregnant the first day of the level of HCG doubles and continues to double every 48 hours for the first 3 months until the level is in several hundreds of thousands.

With pregnancy strips, with a sensitivity of 10 mIU / ml, a woman can get a reliable result to four days of pregnancy.However the basis of hCG in urine concentration varies from woman to woman and base level cases is 1 mIU / ml are given. Therefore, a safety margin taking us consider that our tests give a superior result with a certainty of 99.9% after 6 day of conception.

How do the test? 

  1. The strip and urine have to be at room temperature (15 to 30) at the time of the test.
  2. Check that the strip is in a sealed envelope.Pull it at the time of use.
  3. Dip the strip into the urine with the arrow pointing into the urine.Remove the strip after 3 seconds and set it horizontally on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface (such as the mouth of the urine container) .important: Do not immerse the strip in urine beyond the MAX line otherwise the test is not It will work correctly.
  4. Read results in five minutes.Do not read results last five minutes as they may be false positives.

home made pregnancy test,at home pregnancy test

How to interpret the results? 

Positive result (no pregnancy):  Two colored bands appear, one in the control region and one in the test zone, indicating that you are pregnant. The color intensity of the band in the test zone can vary because the concentrations of hCG hormone increases as pregnancy progresses.

Negative result (not pregnant):  A unique color band appears in the control area of the strip. No clear line appears in the test area. This indicates that no pregnancy has been detected.

Invalid Result:  appears when there is  no band  of color in the control area. Repeat with a new test kit. If the test still fails, please contact your dealer with us.


During six months pregnancy

Changes and symptoms during the sixth month of pregnancy:

During these months you have suffered a series of mood swings, sometimes you’re more irritable and other times you’re happy, feelings are ambiguous, and concern yourself about the welfare of your baby. Is normal that bombard the doctor with questions, it will be normal, the important thing is do not panic and enjoy your pregnancy.

Changes in pregnancy

You may finish the week 24 or 25 of pregnancy have increased two or three kilos, your legs and feet swell more easily and stretch marks begin to appear, remember why use moisturizers that help your skin does not lose moisture .

6 months pregnant, during 6 months pregnancy

It also happens that sometimes you leave colostrum breasts, will be normal because it is starting to create the milk that soon will be the only food your baby. In recent weeks the doctor will ask you some tests to be controlling your blood glucose in the blood to see if there is any possible gestational diabetes.

You feel cramps, to help you remember to stretch before bed and be very good that you walk at least half an hour every day to do your body exercise. It is recommended that you’re very exposed to the sun and should use sunscreens. Remember that you are a “fatter” why should use maternity clothing that is comfortable and breathable natural materials.

Avoid wearing shoes with very high heels or very flat because they do more harm to your back.

Changes in the baby During 6 months pregnancy: 

Most vital organ works almost perfectly. Your kidneys filter what your baby is drinking and returns in sterile urine. His ear is ever more acute by making it more sensitive to strong blows and reacts to them.

Keeps moving and your muscles are becoming stronger, your body is larger, fingers and limbs are formed and already begin to suck its thumb and your brain already has 14,000 million neurons, which still connect and nerves go myelin coating, a process that will continue once they are born and will allow them to function better.

The fetus in the sixth month of pregnancyThe baby’s body at this stage will also start to produce white blood cells that will help protect you from infection. Her measurements in week 27 can reach 30 cm long and 20 cm sitting, and weighs about 750 grams. As is already too large, your position henceforth be provided with encogidas fetal extremedidades.

The body of the 6 months pregnant woman:

  • During six month pregnancy  you can feel the fetus kick strongly.
  •  The skin of your abdomen is growing can begin to give you itchy.
  • You can hurt your back. That’s why I have recommended to wear shoes with low heels or without (low) heel. Exercise can help prevent back pain. You should not keep standing for long periods of time.
  • You may also feel pain down the side of the belly and as t or uterus stretches.

Prenatal Care Guide

During sixth months pregnancy, it is important to know:

  • Go visit your doctor who will do a review of prenatal care.
  • You may have constipation. Drink more water or fruit juice; eat more fiber-containing foods (such as fruits and vegetables) and do some exercise.
  •  To relieve heartburn, try eating 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day (instead of three).
  •  Do not take laxatives or antacids without asking your health care provider.

The development of the fetus during 6 months pregnancy: 23-26 weeks

During six months pregnancy the fetus weighs over half a kilo and measures about 32 cm. between weeks 25 and 26, your taste buds to form and finish the fetus distinguishes some other flavors. The ear of the fetus and perfected through the womb can be distinguished from other noises.

In the sixth month of pregnancy, fetal growth is fast as well as their movements. On the palms of the hands are the first lines.

It also begins to feel agitated calls to false contractions `proof ‘Braxton Hicks. These contractions only last about thirty seconds and most of the mothers even notice them.

The skin is wrinkled and the fetus is reddish because the capillaries are transparent. He sleeps between 18 and 20 hours, but when awake (still with eyes closed) has much activity. The ear is perfected this month and can distinguish the voice of the father.

At the end of this period they have formed taste buds. That’s when, to put their fingers in their mouths, is able to distinguish the sweetness of the amniotic fluid and other flavors that come through your mother what you eat. It is still early to know the fetus differentiate sweet bitter and salty than bland, but begins to know what flavors you like and dislike.

The intestine continues filled with meconium. Brain cells used for conscious thought begin to mature. And it is believed to be able to learn and remember.

In this period they begin to grow the alveoli in the lungs and the fetus performs breathing movements with the diaphragm. The bronchi are still filled with amniotic fluid.

In the sixth month of pregnancy the baby is 32 cm and weighs more than half a kilo. The time is you can survive alone. At this time, if the baby was born, he needs medical help.

Psychologically During 6 months pregnancy:

All these changes in your body shape can be a problem, since it is impossible to ignore that you’re pregnant. Some women have trouble accepting this new state, and for others it is another reason for joy.

As your baby moves more and more, you can also start to question yourself whether you will be able to take care of the baby, I organize it … Do not hesitate to tell your fears to the people around you, they are there to support you.

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Readiness to having a baby

You should know before you having a baby:

Why do we feel like a baby when you’re a teenager? That’s a big question that can’t respond uniquely. It is important to consider what we want when it happens. The desire for pregnancy, child, is a desire that involves all the complexity of his personal history.

Become pregnant = want to what?

Being pregnant or having a baby? To bring a child into the world? From a total and unconditional love with a being from his own flesh? Leaving his parents by becoming a parent in turn?

Having a Baby, before having a baby, having a baby  and pregnancy, when morning sickness start,

The desire of a baby called many questions and manifest more or less conscious desires. When we forget, for example, to take his birth, or after sex (even protected) one is on the lookout, even anxious attentive to the slightest symptoms of pregnancy, or conversely a lack of rule is not noted , this may be a sign (unconscious) desire a pregnancy or baby.

Wanting a baby manifests a desire for life. This desire can be a way to prove something to yourself, for example: check her fertility, expressing a willingness to change, control its life when it seems that everything escapes us, especially in this adolescent period when the changes are very present.
It is not a project like the other because a child is for life! So it is important to decipher what lies behind this desire.

Desire for pregnancy and desire to have children: is it the same?

Although these terms are often associated, there is a difference between desires for a child and become pregnant. In fact, want to be pregnant; it can be to want to live the time of pregnancy, to be a pregnant woman. The desire for children it is more a desire to give love, give birth to a being which we will take care and help it grow. It may also be a desire to transmit a part of us and a desire to start his own family.

Fantasy or desire?

While you having a baby, you better be two, have you decided together with your boyfriend to become mother and father? If not, are you ready to have a single e-e child? And under what conditions?

Sometimes there is a discrepancy between what is imagined and what is really the arrival of a child and what it entails. Sometimes we dream for her future child dream as his great love, without the burden of reality.
For example, the price of a pack of layers , the amount of rent , if any, the time it takes care whose child needs and keeps us out when we want. Have you also thought about the organization of childcare in your city or else around you is he agrees to help you?
Anyway, all the stuff not “glam “that one has to take care when becomes a parent. To realize what it actually is and the attention that we can request a baby to experience keeping a child by babysitting for example.

The urge to child during adolescence can therefore sometimes take more of the fantasy that the real project. That is to say that it is a desire that (not materialize) can be used to prepare for his future adult life, to imagine and to experience the fun that it will.

During the adolescent period, is changing. This is often the time when we confronted her parents , where we want to “separate”, to choose his own path. This process is emotionally difficult. So how to accommodate a baby in that time while we ourselves saw a turbulent period? For the role of a parent is not only cuddle her child is also to accompany him in his education, and this sometimes involves conflict with him.Becoming parents is an adventure made of moments of joy and pleasure but also with obstacles and winding paths. The more we will be sure-e of their choice, prepared-e-e surrounded by his family and accompanied e-plus meeting with this new being will be smooth and more serene as possible.


Increase your fertility by naturopathy While you having a baby:

Before you jump in the design, here naturopathic advice for you to be the most of your potential health before you having a baby. Are you willing and ready to change your life? Because, yes, a child becomes a life! There aresignificant changes to your lifestyle, and that, from the stage of preconception. Everything that enters your body, everything you breathe, your stress levels and emotions and even your environment will affect the quality of the egg and sperm. If you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies will require remedy. If you take drugs, you will see a doctor, because all drugs have side effect. Imagine you as 4 months of preparation effects are ideal before conceiving a child? This is actually what time it will take your body eliminate certain toxins and increase the quality of your blood in essential nutrients. In addition, we also provide about three months to fully renew the sperm army. Therefore BOTH partners, MAN and WOMAN, must take seriously the recommendation intimation. To improve your alimentation Adopt a diet of 25% or more protein and 40% or less of carbohydrates. This type of diet improves egg quality and double the pregnancy rate in IVF, in vitro fertilization. For a detailed and personalized eating plan, do not hesitate to meet a naturopath prescription. Avoid low-fat dairy products, and consume dairy products rich in fat.
Yes, you read correctly! Consumption of low-fat dairy products increases the risk of unexplained infertility 85%, while the consumption of dairy products rich in fat may reduce this risk (it reduces the risk of unexplained infertility and anovulatory cycle by 27% and 50%, respectively) .Augmenter your intake of monounsaturated fat in the diet improves your fertility.
Consume extra virgin olive oil and avocados. In a study of some 17,000 women conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, the researchers were able to define a food group that promotes fertility. Consume more monounsaturated fats (like olive oil) and less trans fat (such as those found in many baked goods or fast food) was one of the keys of the increased f fertility.

Consume quality saturated fat. Saturated fat quality decrease the risk of infertility by 17% (choose organic sources such as organic butter and organic red meat from grass-fed animals). The consumption of saturated fats in a healthy diet is associated with increased fertility high. Reduce consumption of refined carbohydrates and replace refined carbohydrates with foods high in fiber.
Eating foods high in fiber (such as chia seeds or flax seeds) and low glycemic index, while reducing the intake of carbohydrates and refined sugars, is a dietary principles is essential to increase fertility.

best food while having a baby, food for pregnant, food during pregnancy

Avoid soybeans while you having a baby:

Soybeans causes miscarriage and infertility in mice. When given soybean to a mouse, it has abnormal menstrual cycles, her ovarian function is altered and sub fertility. Have healthy lifestyle.

Stop smoking while you having a baby:

Cigarette smoking decreases your chances of conceiving, since smoking reduces the level of estrogen, so you will have fewer years of fertility. He also age your ovaries and deplete your eggs prematurely, and reduces your ability to get pregnant.

Cigarette smoking also makes it more difficult to penetrate egg by sperm and they have more difficulty reaching the egg, as the cervical mucus is more consistent in smokers. There is evidence that smoking damages the structure and the shape of the sperm causing infertility. Besides that smoking damages your cervix and fallopian tubes, smoking increases the risk of miscarriage.

Know that the effects of smoking take several months to disappear. This is the MOST IMPORTANT thing before designing.

Alcool Boire more attention to one drink a day reduces the chances of getting pregnant by 50%.Boire one drink a day reduces the chances of getting pregnant by 30% .

Don’t drink alcohol before conception: 

You should bare with that you will not dirk Alcohol before conception or even when you desired to having a baby. Alcohol reduces the live birth rate of 21% in patients in vitro fertilization (IVF). Women drinking at least four drinks a week had 16% less chance of giving birth compared with those who drank fewer than four drinks per week. For couples in which both partners drank at least four glasses a week, the chances of birth were 21% lower compared to couples where both drank fewer than four drinks per week. CONCLUSION: The consumption of as little as four drinks per week is associated with decreased IVF birth rates.

It takes three months after a night of alcohol abuse so that the sperm count returns to normal.

Have a healthy body mass index between 20 and 25

While you having a baby calculate your body mass index (BMI) is used to encrypt an excess or insufficient weight. The result allows knowing the number of pounds to lose or gain for optimal health. However, this is an incomplete tool since it does not account for muscle mass, bone, and fat distribution. A more comprehensive test would be an analysis of body composition you can do an authorized naturopath.

A body mass index greater than 30 positions you in the obese category. Obesity causes complex side effects such as hormonal changes and insulin resistance. Considerable evidence suggests that a negative effect of obesity is the risk of maternal complications and miscarriages. The obese are also more prone to infertility. The most important method to enhance reproductive performance in obese women is weight loss that can be achieved with lifestyle changes and diet with a naturopath. (Reference)

Avoid Snuff while you having a baby: 

There are still no clear scientific evidence on whether smoking before pregnancy can harm the baby or not. What it is demonstrated is that the consumption of snuff, especially after the first trimester, involves risks for small and for the proper development of pregnancy.

Regarding pregnancy, the most common risks are abortion, vaginal bleeding, premature labor, ectopic pregnancy and abnormal implantation or placental, among others. For the baby, the main effect is the low birth weight, which is linked directly with the number of cigarettes consumed: . more amount of cigarettes, lighter weight baby medium term, smoking is also related the likelihood of apnea syndrome or sudden death of the infant.

Be active, exercising:

The implementation of physical activity increases the chances of pregnancy and tends to decrease the risk of miscarriage. In addition, women who were physically active were more likely to have an increased implantation rates and a rise in treatments in vitro fertilization.

Before you having a baby learn to manage your stress: 

In studies conducted by Alice Domar, PhD, of the Harvard Mind-Body Institute, women who have undergone stress reduction therapy have seen dramatic increases in their ability to get pregnant. In fact, even women who have already undergone fertility treatment had better results when stress was kept under control.

The spirit and the reproductive system are closely linked; stress can disrupt your pituitary gland which is the control center of the main fertility hormones. In the brain, it is normal to prevent pregnancy while you are on, it is a natural means of protection; in all species, a female who does not feel safe cannot conceive. It is also known that prolonged stress can cause spasms in the fallopian tubes, which prevents the fertilized egg down to the uterus. Stress can also inhibit the production of testosterone in men, leading to a decreased sex drive. In short, good stress management is ESSENTIAL. Do you find ways to release your stress: yoga, swimming, walking, breathing, meditation, etc.

And you, what do you think? Is four months of preparation are too before conceiving a child? Do you have other tips to share? Changing lifestyle habits is not always easy to do alone. Do not hesitate to seek help for personal advice from an expert whenever you feel any confusion at the time you going to have baby.