Amber Teething Necklaces for Expecting Moms


Pregnancy is an especially important time in a woman’s life. It can be an equally magical and confusing experience even for women who have gone through the phase before. Filled with aches, pains, hormonal fluctuations, bloating, and sundry forms of discomfort, pregnancy can sometimes be a traumatic experience for some women.

However, it does not need to be this way. You can go through all three trimesters of your pregnancy with as little discomfort as possible while looking forward to the arrival of your special little one. All you require is the right information in order to equip you with the knowledge to positively transform your pregnancy journey from a sour, dreary, and draining experience to a truly wonderful, rewarding, and magical experience.

Amber necklaces are especially useful for pregnant women to help them cope with some of the discomforts they face during pregnancy. Amber necklaces have proven to be effective for many pregnant women in achieving excellent relief from numerous pregnancy-related pain symptoms. As an expecting mom, wearing an amber necklace during the period of your pregnancy is a prudent course of action.

What Are Amber Teething Necklaces?

These are beaded necklaces made from Amber; a natural resin formed from fossilized tree saps (e.g., conifers like pine, fir, and cypress) millions of years ago. It has a translucent appearance and is usually yellow or brownish yellow in color. When polished, Amber can have the shiny appearance of gemstones.

Baltic Amber is the most popular of all the Amber variants, accounting for more than 70 percent of the known Amber in the world, and it has seen the most use throughout history. This amber is believed to have been resin formed from the sap of trees in the region around the Baltic Sea, hence the name “Baltic Amber.” Known also as succinum (succinite), Baltic Amber contains some of the highest concentration of naturally occurring Succinic Acid (also known as Amber acid). Succinic Acid has been known for many centuries to have powerful healing and restorative properties.

Healing and Restorative Benefits of Amber Necklaces for Expecting Moms

Amber necklaces, especially those made of Baltic Amber beads have been known to have excellent healing and restorative abilities. This is mainly due to the high concentration of Succinic Acid found in the Baltic Amber. Over the course of many centuries, many attempts have been made to understand the amber healing processes. Numerous medical and scientific studies have provided information that points to the conclusion that Succinic acid is beneficial to the human body. These studies have also revealed that there is no noticeable hazard associated with the accumulation of Succinic Acid in the human body.

For expecting mothers, there are a number of benefits that can be obtained by wearing amber necklaces, especially those made of Baltic amber beads. Pregnancy is a period characterized by a great deal of stress on the anatomy and physiology of the woman’s body. This stress manifests itself in a number of ways that can make pregnancy uncomfortable for expecting mothers. Amber can be used for healing purposes. Some of the benefits of wearing Baltic amber necklaces during pregnancy are as follows:

  1. Pain relief. One of the most common debilitating discomforts faced by women during pregnancy are the various aches and pains, which include migraines, joint pain, and muscle pain. The Succinic Acid present is Baltic Amber beads have natural analgesic (pain relieving) properties, which helps pregnant women deal with the pain. One very common pain experienced by expecting mothers is the pain of the leg and lower back, also known as “Sciatica.” Wearing Baltic Amber necklaces can help combat such pain as well.


  1. Managing pregnancy induced fatigue and stress. Succinic Acid found in Baltic Amber stimulates various cellular activities leading to the rapid replenishing of energy. Pregnant women are prone to fits of fatigue and stress. Amber necklaces can help manage these conditions effectively.


  1. Reducing inflammation. The high concentration of Succinic Acid in Baltic amber necklaces also provides powerful antioxidants for pregnant women to fight inflammation. This ensures that they are less prone to falling ill, as most illnesses are caused due to one form of cellular inflammation or another.


  1. Improves skin health. Amber necklaces also help prevent skin issues during pregnancy such as dehydration, acne, and hyperpigmentation. During pregnancy, there are a lot of hormonal changes that can manifest in the form of unsightly and potentially troublesome skin issues. Succinic Acid has excellent protein replenishing properties, which counteract the effects of hormonal imbalance on the expectant mother’s skin.

How Do Amber Necklaces Work for Expectant Mothers?

The process by which amber necklaces work is quite simple: once the amber beads come in contact with the skin, the Succinic Acid is released into the skin of the wearer and straight to the bloodstream where it is absorbed. Once absorbed, the acid begins to release all its natural benefits. For maximum utilization, amber necklaces should be worn for prolonged periods of time to ensure adequate absorption of all the Succinic Acid present in the beads.

How to Identify Authentic Amber Necklaces

Due to the popularity of amber necklaces based on their healing properties, there are a number of fake amber necklaces in the market. Many substances can be fashioned to mimic the appearance of Amber, such as glass, synthetic resins, and celluloid. There are, however, simple tests that can be conducted to verify the authenticity or otherwise of an amber necklace. The simplest test is the salt water test. Amber will float in a cup or bowl of warm salt water. Another easy test is to rub the beads gently in your palms. If they give off the characteristic whiff of pine trees, then they are indeed amber beads. Using these simple methods, you can always ensure that you are purchasing a necklace made of genuine amber.